Alex Tew Milks It For All It's Worth

by John Motson 3 replies
Lol, anyone else got an email from Alex Tew about his latest maneuver in his Million Dollar Homepage story?

The original concept launched 3 years ago and on this third year anniversary he decided to commemorate the occasion with a launch of some 1000 copies ( some signed ) of million dollar homepage posters.
The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a print of internet history!

I guess he has a huge mailing list and some people might find it worthwhile memorabilia.... so they might purchase.

Talk about about milking your list for all it's worth...


PS I got on his mailing list in the first place by purchasing a $100 space on his page ( it got me quite a bit of traffic at the time ). I ain't purchasing his poster though, but to each his own .

PS2. Got to hand it to him, the dude sure did have a nose for opportunity, he is probably a warrior .
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