My first email marketing campaign!

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I'm getting close to launching my first campaign. I have a question for each step basically, and was hoping someone could help me out a bit. It will go something like this:

1. Submit 50 articles on topic to ezine, with more to come.
(can i submit those same articles to another directory if i use the same name?)

2. They all link to a squeeze page for a free 10 page report.
(looking for a good Thank You page template)

3. Send a few informative emails, not promotional, but all ending with a link to my sales page.
(if someone buys, and opts into a new list at time of purchase, will they be removed from the original list, as to stop receiving promo emails for a product they've already purchased?) (using aweber)

That's basically the jist of it. Now I'm curious if I can really run campaigns like this and make good money. I keep researching 'gurus' who say you need a big ticket item to make big money. Couldn't I just keep making ebooks for each niche I enter, and offer them via email? Is that a profitable business model or not?

If I do really need a big ticket item, is there a way to outsource it? I don't really want to do any personal coaching or anything like that. To be honest, I'm in no way a professional at anything I could charge a lot of money for, so I couldn't ethically put on one of these courses anyway.

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