Can eBay partners still make money?

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A year or so ago I was doing pretty well but once eBay switched from paying commissions to paying per click, my income dropped substantially.

I can make some money selling on eBay but has anyone cracked the code on how to
make money as an affiliate?
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    I tried ebay and amazon at the same time on the same site. Amazon did well ebay did almost nothing for me. Didnt go further with it.
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      Yes, EPN is still profitable for many affiliates.

      There really aren't any secrets to it. Just like other affiliate programs, you need to choose the right products to promote. And, as you said, it's a little more difficult after the switch to Quality Click Pricing.

      The real key is sending targeted traffic now. (Visitors that are ready to buy.)

      EPN had an incentive running for November and December. Improve your earnings in those months by a 3-tiered range above your August earnings and receive a bonus. For November, I beat August by 53% so I received a 50% bonus. December was down from November but still enough above August to earn a 10% bonus.

      As with a lot of affiliate programs, things change (often frequently). You just need to be able to adapt to those changes.

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