What do offline Business struggle most with?

by NMP
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That is the question I am asking myself. I will start a local Business
in 2011 with B2B services. And I try figure what would be the right
products and services.

I know that in 2011 you can't just offer web hosting it has just
nothing USP in it. However this is what I am thinking about:

*Web Hosting
*Content Management (WP)
*Online Shop Setup & Configuration
*Social Media Leads Marketing (FB,Twitter,YouTube)
*Web Support

Main idea is to help the business owner manage their Business
while my company manage the web and marketing online.

Does it look like parts business owners struggle with? How would
you charge for such services. Hosting is easy. But the others is
kind abased on time consumed. Does companies like fixed prices
more then pay per the hour?

Thanks for your inputs,

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    What you've listed are definitely things that offline business owner tend to struggle with and if you market it correctly, they will surely like what you have on offer.

    I would, however, add other types of lead generation into the mix, like SEO and PPC to get traffic to their sites. It may also be advisable to help the business owner to create a list of potential customers, an asset which would be well worth the effort that it takes to create.

    If you offer them fixed pricing, it's easier for them to calculate their spendings as they know how much exactly they are spending on the exact service you're offering. It's your decision if you want to take the risk of not charging enough for your services.
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    Solid backup and support services. Many hosting companies do not take advantage of the opportunity to offer (and charge for) things like off-site backup, blog creation, search marketing.. the more you can make your offer a one-stop shop the easier it is to say yes.

    nothing to see here.

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