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Ive been working like crazy on a website for the last couple of months, and am now putting a lot of time and money into driving local SEO.

The site still needs work, but Im getting to a bit of a dead end for ideas and how to develop it from here.

I would be very grateful to anyone who can cast a critical eye over the content and structure, and tell me ways it could be improved.

Im open to any ideas. Input welcome from people who have experience and knowledge about website design, and from anyone else with a critical eye who can give reasoned feedback.

Thanks to anyone who can spare some time to respond.


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    Well I think you did a great job with the website. I can only congratulate you because I personally did not find any thing to complain about or to help you improve it. All seem so perfect I can only say CONGRATS.
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    Spent a few minutes on there and nothing came to mind. I would say just focus off site now by getting listed in business directories.

    My free PSD logs can be downloaded at PSD Bum. Enjoy!

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    Yea, as the above people are saying the site looks really good. Maybe you could make the phone number a bit more visible so the call to action is clear.
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    How are you doing with traffic? As the other posters have said, the site is good, and now it's time to attract visitors.

    One tactic you might consider is posting either a blog behind your site, or posting a bunch of informative articles featuring your target keywords behind the site. Behind the site meaning to have every article pointing to something in the money site, but no return links back to the articles. Just post them, then bookmark and backlink like crazy to the articles. This creates a bunch of one-way incoming routes to your site.

    If you do as good a job on the traffic building as you've done on the site, you'll be better than fine.

    Cheers from warm and smiling Thailand,
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      Its 1am and im drunk!

      So take what i say with a salt lamp!

      Firstly - Flash! Ughhh, thats disgusting. Whats is supposed to be? An epilepsy inauguration? Seriously. And what thats doing for your seo? Nothing.

      So get rid of it. Pronto. The people coming to your site want their PC repaired!! Think like a fish!

      Marketing and business is like fishing. If youre PC broke down, what would you want to see on the site?

      I know i personally would want to see prices, operating hours and a contact number straight off the bat.

      Secondly - Its all too hard to read. Forget what the others posted above. They aint up at 1am!

      I cant see ****. If a drunk internet bum cant see at 1am when my pc could potentially be broken down then what?? Remember, think like a fish. Here are some good sites, first one is courtesy of the warrior forums very own Copywriting Tips - Font Color, Shmont Color

      Personally i like to copy the guru's. One of my favs is frank kern, his mass control site has stopped selling, im asuming because he is filthy rich. But do take a look at his never updated blog: Frank Kern Internet Marketing

      Third - SEO. Do some serious keyword research. From my lazy 5 minutes worth ive found that there is plenty of work to go around for a computer repair dude in Adelaide. Over 390 searches per month in fact for "computer repairs adelaide".

      Considering the search term i would say those people only need to read some copy and then have a phone number or email blasted in front of their face and they will be begging for someone to fix their pc's.

      And if you keep searching im sure you can generate a ton of traffic by using some sneaky keywords like 'malwarebytes' which has over 27K of local searches per month with almost 0 competition (oh, woops did i just say that) and then telling customer you will install it free for them along with a free quote and check of their pc as long as they call, email or optin.

      Your results will slowy improve. Currently sitting top of page 3 for 'computer repairs adelaide'.

      Id say be patient, change some of your design and also consider some offline marketing (most onliners will fix their own pc's or will ahve friends to do it for them, offliners have no idea
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    Jim, as far as your website design part is concerned, it is in good terms.

    I also have the same query like above people that how are you doing on off page SEO.

    If you are lacking on getting enough targeted traffic then I suggest you concentrate on getting more niche targeted keywords and publish articles on your website as well as on other article directories like Ezinearticles to get started with some targeted traffic.

    Publishing your press releases with targeted keywords will also help you gain web traffic for your site. You can hire some Writers for this promotion stuff to increase your online visibility.
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    Navigated away out of frustration before the page loaded.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help, but that info alone ought to be quite a bit of help.
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      I am sorry to say that I agree with some of the other posters, I almost did not stay because the flash file took so long to load.

      The site looks great. Nice design, clean, easy to navigate.

      Could just be my connection, but it loads really slowly.

      But it looks great.

      Your pages are pretty well done as far as SEO goes as well.

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