Strange Clickbank Problem

by Kevin McNally 3 replies

I have been unable to connect to Clickbank for the past 48 hours but the strange thing is that every other website is working ok ! I have used a desktop and laptop from my home but no luck, I know it is not a problem at Clickbank because I just used my local library today and there were no problems reaching clickbank ?

Any ideas ?
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    I was having this problem also when I was using Firefox.

    I just switched to Google Chrome and now everything works
    and in a much faster way.

    If that doesn't work I suggest you get a new IP. It depends
    where your are but some connections give you a new IP every
    time the router is turned of and then turned on again.

    If that doesn't work just call your connection provider and ask
    them to reset your IP and give you a new one.

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      Thanks Ebbi

      I think I will need to contact my broadband company and ask them to reset the IP.

      It's a mystery why only one website is not working, I know Clickbank wasn't down for 48 hours as I am sure there would have been many posts on here if this happened !
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