What's In A Name? 71,280,000 More . . .

by Martin Luxton 1 replies
. . . Google searches!

Shakespeare should have said

"A rose by any other name could smell even sweeter"

A Warrior was looking for products related to "astral projection"

so I checked out the keywords and got 1,620,000 Google Searches

That didn't seem to tally with the interest I thought there would be in the topic so I tried a synonym "Out of Body Experience"


72,900,000 Google Searches!!

A massive difference. How many of us are missing a big potential market because we are searching for the right niche with the wrong name and/or keywords?

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    Is that google searches or the number of pages returned by google?

    Remember when you do a search, the number is number of pages that matched the search query, not the number of searches in any given period of time

    Results 1 - 10 of about 60,500,000 for Out of Body Experience.
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