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Hi all, hope to get some suggestion from you on email marketing.

I have a list of internet marketing subscribers, can I send email to them everyday? I have attended a course previously, they said send daily email to our subscribers is better, especially on sales. But I am worried the subscribers will thinking I am spammer and unsubscribe.

What do you think? Do you have experience on daily email? How is the feedback? Thank you!
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    As long as you have something interesting to say that they will like, yes.

    If you send the same crap every day, then no.

    You have to watch your stats (open rate, click rate, unsubscribe and report spam rate) to see if they increase.

    Secondly, you might make more money but also loose more subscribers. You just have to watch your stats and analyze the results of your tests.

    Also it will vary alot list to list, so asking others might not be a good idea, you might get a bad read. Test it yourself and you will know for certain.
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      Look at it from the perspective of your subscribers. You think they would appreciate to get an email from you every single day?

      I am of the receiving end of some marketers who apply the concept and mostly feel overwhelmed and angry with them. Especially knowing that all they want is getting me to buy their stuff and are not exactly interested in some form of real contact.

      So, ... in my book... a definite no-go.
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        Originally Posted by jtpada View Post

        ... in my book... a definite no-go.
        I agree.

        I'd unsubscribe very quickly, and so will some of your list. That in itself doesn't necessarily make it the wrong thing to do, though, for you. You need to test.

        After testing in 4 of my niches, I now use the same approach for all my lists, sending emails on days 1, 3, 6, 10 and 15 and thereafter at 5-day intervals, with valuable content in 2 emails out of 3 and a promotion of some kind in 1 out of 3.

        I certainly wouldn't ever want to "promote" in less than 1 in 4 emails: I have to pay my mortgage.
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          Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

          I certainly wouldn't ever want to "promote" in less than 1 in 4 emails: I have to pay my mortgage.

          You can sell alot without coming off as someone who is forcing an offer downs someones throat.

          In one aspect, the more you mail the more you sell
          In another, the more you annoy people the faster you ignored entirely

          Sure, YOU might unsubscribe quickly, but you are not your market. If you send them awesome stuff (scaled out nicely across everything in the niche), they will look forwrd to, open, and buy from your emails because you are there road. You are the "magazine" they read
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          Besides the obvious unsubscriber backlash you will be creating a heavy workload for yourself.

          Once you get short of ideas for good content and you become stale your whole list is at risk.

          I have attended a course previously, they said send daily email to our subscribers is better...
          The trouble with this kind of blanket advice is that it may have not been adequately tested enough to make it right, and/or if the person testing it has a better reputation or depth of available knowledge for creating content that doesn't make it right for you to do it.

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    NO! I hate getting those emails every day. They are really annoying. I have one list that I just unsubscribed to because the poster kept putting subject lines that had no reavancy to anything else, so it was basically bordering on spam! The only way I would keep myself on your list if you emailed me every day would be if you provided good free content, and didn't keep sending me to other opt-in pages. The worst thing is my subscriptions always seem to multiply.
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    Test it. Send every day for 10-14 days to a random segment of your list (not the entire list). See if the unsub rate is significantly higher vs. the rest of your list. Be sure not to send every day to the rest of the list, of course. Also, see what the order rate does. It may go up more than the "pain" of the unsub rate going up. Find a balance.

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    Send them good free content, no sales pitch. For my list I send out 95% free information and 5% sales advertisement. This works for me and my readers are happy.
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    It all depends on the following pieces of the puzzle:

    1. Were any expectations set when they signed up for you list?
    2. Are you providing relevant content in your emails, or is it all, 'BUY FROM ME'?
    3. Do you have any type of rapport with your list?
    4. What are the demographics of your list - can they handle an email a day?

    For me, I email my list EVERYDAY - even on the weekends. I tried to make it only during the work week - I surveyed and asked - the overwhelming response was 7 days a week!

    My opt-in page says sing up here and get an email a day from me. They are expecting it! If I send it out late, I get emails asking where it is!

    Each email has valuable, usable content. There is a call to action in each one - something the reader can do or think about.

    My list keeps in contact with me - both on my blog and through lots of emails! I connect with them on Facebook (and more recently on Twitter). They know me, the like me, and they trust me!

    With all that said, you can email your list everyday (and sometimes more - which I do occasionally).

    If anyone is interested, you can see my opt-in page at: Paul B. Taubman, II's All About Gratitude - sign up if you want, and the unsubscribe after a few days... Makes no difference to me (Simple request... please let me know if you are are from teh WF if you do sign up - it is on the opt-in form)! Of course, I like when people stay long term (I have a low drop off rate).

    Finally - When people feel like 7 emails a week is too much, I ALWAYS give them the option to switch to a 1-email a week option. If they want that, they get the Monday email.

    Hope this helps!

    Be Well.
    Fantastic WordPress Training!

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    Sure you can send to them every day! Its your list and you can do what you want! I've found the more we've increased emails, the more money we've made!! But ya better test it for your niche. There's a lot of people on both sides of this but the only way to really know what is okay for you is to test it...people on here can say NO WAY or go for it! on here, but it doesn't matter at all...its your subscribers, that's what matters...what do they think and how will they react? Test it!
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      Hey, I am really appreciate for all the comment here! I am still newbie in email marketing, these give me a very good start idea to start, I think very important is we should build a good relationship with the subscribers with valuable information, and offer free stuff/ ebook once in a while.. I will keep on test my list consistency for open rate, click rate, unsubscribe and report spam.

      "Bill Farnham, you are right, Once you get short of ideas for good content and you become stale your whole list is at risk"..
      I think is challenge also to find so many things to market. ^^

      PTaubman, just subscribe to your list!

      Thanks all!
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    I once thought that daily emails to my list would be overkill. But then I surveyed them. Guess what? Over 90% say they want daily emails. Go figure
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    I've done a lot of testing in this area, and I say mail them MULTIPLE times a day!

    Crazy! But it works, those who care stay on your list, and still read every message.

    Those who unsubscribe just unsubscribe a bit quicker.

    So always be list building, always be mailing the list.

    And the tip about offering a lower frequency alternative list is a VERY good idea.

    My stuff...
    1 (consulting and coaching - I've been a full time affiliate marketer since 2000)
    2 (free and paid PLR products)
    3 (digital downloads deals site)

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      Originally Posted by Dayne Dylan View Post

      SPAM is when people get emails from people they don't know, etc. etc.
      Well, to be fair to Randall and others who have used the "s-word" here, if the subscribers are not expecting and anticipating that, it may seem like "spam" to them (which is what matters, here!), even if they did volunteer their email addresses.

      Let's not veer too far the other way and imagine that just because someone has offered their email address on the strength of a particular representation made at the time, that necessarily legitimizes whatever you send them, and however often, and means that it can't, by definition, be spam. Because that certainly isn't right, either!

      Here's the point: either it's permission-based marketing or it's not. And whether what you do is realistically permission-based depends on what you've told them you'll do. It's all about expectation-setting.

      Originally Posted by Dayne Dylan View Post

      I surveyed my list and guess what, they want info EVERYDAY from me.
      Well, this is good for you, if you like sending daily email.

      I'm glad mine hate that.

      It depends on the traffic demographics (and a little bit on the niche, too, though the demographics tend to be more important, overall). I survey all mine regularly, too, and they say the opposite from yours. And I know from earlier testing in half of my niches that if I send email anything like as frequently as that, I lose potential income for two reasons: (a) some people unsubscribe, and (b) my open-rates among the ones who didn't unsubscribe also fall, and my income with them.

      What matters is to test for yourself. As you and I have both done.

      Originally Posted by simonpiemon View Post

      I've done a lot of testing in this area, and I say mail them MULTIPLE times a day!
      Well, you perhaps shouldn't really say that, Simon, because there's no reason for your findings about your own list to apply to other people asking here. What you should perhaps say is "test for yourself, in your own business", don't you think?
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    If you email your subscribers everyday then you will loose them. No one likes to be spammed every day..
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      Originally Posted by wlasikiewicz View Post

      If you email your subscribers everyday then you will loose them. No one likes to be spammed every day..
      First, it's not SPAM. Second, how do you know people in some niches don't want to be emailed daily? You don't.
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    You can email everyday, but not something to sell. You have to rotate your messages and provide some good free content too.
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      I was just thinking about this same topic last week as I was un-subscribing to a very "big name" Internet marketers list.

      I was starting to get multiple emails almost every day from this guy and I was being pounded with offer after offer, rarely getting an email that I would consider "of value."

      So I un-subscribed. When I did, I got a pop-up box asking me why I was leaving. I told the guy I was getting way too many emails from him and there was very little value in them.

      I got kind of a nasty email a couple of days later that went something like this:

      "Dude! I checked your email address and your name is on seven of my lists. If you don't want multiple emails don't subscribe more than once!"

      The problem is, every time this guy produces some new content, a webinar, etc he puts it behind a squeeze.

      My opinion is, he's not managing (segmenting) his lists very well. When he sends out an offer it goes to everybody on every list it seems.

      After I said goodbye for good, I went to my "trash" list and found he had emailed me 131 times during May. That is too many times for my liking.

      I'm rambling a bit here but I guess my post is about making sure that as you build one or more lists you don't just treat them all the same. Give your subscribers, early on, an expectation of what they will be receiving from you. If you're going to send a daily email let them know. If that's too many emails for some, start another list where you mail twice a week or weekly.

      No, you don't have to have a list for everyone's tastes - just find a good compromise, let your subscribers know what you're doing, and you should be fine.

      Good luck,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Nah dont spam people's inboxes everyday. At a minimum, stick to emailing every 3 days. If you email everyday, you will be perceived as a pest, and people will unsubscribe at a rapid rate.
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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      Nah dont spam people's inboxes everyday. At a minimum, stick to emailing every 3 days. If you email everyday, you will be perceived as a pest, and people will unsubscribe at a rapid rate.
      Once again, it's not SPAM. SPAM is when people get emails from people they don't know, etc. etc. Who says you will be perceived as a pest if you email everyday? That is your subjective opinion. As I said, I surveyed my list and guess what, they want info EVERYDAY from me.

      It comes down to your niche and testing. Anyone here that says, "once a week is best" or "every 3 days is best" are only opinions. There is no 100% correct answer.
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    The simple answer is, start an email list, and early on, ASK them how many times a week they would like you to email them. Then adjust. Done.
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    If you can offer some great value to your subscribers everyday, then go for it but not just 'in your face sales spiel'. Let's face it billions read the newspaper everyday but not just for the adverts!
    Make $5 every 10 minutes
    non-affiliate site
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    It all depends. I personally only email every 2-3 days and I'm on some lists where the owner hammers it every day, sometimes 2 times a day.

    I've heard of people who hammer their lists 8 times a day and are millionaires... I wonder what we're doing wrong...
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    Send email to subscribers list everyday
    Lol, I tried that once (once) my subscribers started getting pissed off & unsubscribing while sending me nasty emails.

    Lesson learned, won't happen again.
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      Problem is with testing you can ruin lists in the process. Guess just write them off as a 'test' list and start the next one with the new info.

      There have only been a few lists that have emailed me everyday and I unsubscribed to them. I don't care if it's content based or not, don't have time to ingest that much content and keep up with them. All they do is add to that feeling of being behind on everything and overwhelmed.

      I'm actually surprised how little most of the people who's list I'm on mail actually. I don't think that's good either cause they're not taking advantage of their lists. Some of them I'll only get an email once every couple weeks or once a month. If you wait too long people could easily forget who you are and how they got on your list then unsubscribe cause of that saying you don't have permission to email them.

      Though people emailing multiple times a day? What the heck are you saying in your emails? Guess it could go either way. Either they hate you for it, or they form a stronger relationship and closeness to you.
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        You can definatly send to them everyday just don't sale to them everyday. Always provide them with some value or a free offer. Maybe one day do a free offer and another day do a soft sale etc.

        Hope this helps

        David Burnett
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    Its all about the wife gets emails daily re:fashion clothing, she is a clothing hound...she opens every email, I know because she shows me every dress that she "just loves"
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    How often to send email is depending on your email content, your product and something else. Generally speaking, sending daily email is not a good idea. Because if you send too many emails to your subscribers, they will easily feel overwhelmed and mark your email as spam. You’d better do email test to find out the appropriate sending frequency.
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    • Profile picture of the author Shaun OReilly
      In most of the replies to e-mail frequency questions like
      this, you'll get a lot of untested opinions - most of them

      How often you think is the right frequency to e-mail your
      list is IRRELEVANT compared to how your live subscribers
      actually respond to your e-mail frequency tests.

      The majority of people don't test anything - let alone
      e-mail frequency.

      Even the small minority who have tested e-mail frequency
      and found an ideal frequency (for them) - their results are
      unlikely to apply to you.

      There are too many factors involved in e-mail to be able
      to say whether daily e-mails are best for you and your

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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      • Profile picture of the author Willie Crawford
        I DO have lists that I email every day, I have lists that I email
        every week day, and I have list that I email once a week or so.

        With the lists that I email every day, I haven't seen more unsubscribes
        than I've seen in list that I email once a week or so. This is true
        in numerous niches for me.

        It's all about the value AND the experience with some of my
        newsletters. It's also about properly setting subscriber

        For example, I have cooking related (recipe exchange) ezine that
        I've been publishing since 1998. That ezine goes out every
        Monday - Friday (twice a day some days) and contains recipes and
        recipe requests submitted by subscribers. It's user generated
        content, so it's very little work for me, and actually fun for
        me (or my wife... depending upon our schedules).

        When subscribers don't get an issue of my cooking ezine, they DO
        often write, asking if they have dropped off the list. What makes
        them so connected with that ezine is that it's really a community...
        their community. They get to see their names in print, and they
        get to know each other a little.

        Incidently, I monitize that cooking list by placing "sponsor ads"
        near the top and bottom of each issue. Those ads are usually for
        a cookbook that I wrong and another product... perhaps free gifts
        from a free list-building giveaway that I'm participating in. This
        newsletter makes me sales EVERY day and has for well over a

        I try not to over-do the solo ads in any of my ezines, although
        in internet marketing, I do find it a challenge since I get to
        review so many REALLY good products that I then want to share with
        my subscribers. An example, is that I recently went through a video
        course in how to manage you email. As I went through the course,
        I took my inbox for 163,000+ emails down to 18 (EIGHTEEN) emails
        without mass deleting any emails. Going from 163,000+ emails
        down to 18 took me a total of about 8 hours (watching the videos
        and then actually implementing what was taught). After finishing
        that course, I honestly felt an obligation to share that course
        in a solo mailing to lists in several niches... because it was
        honestly enhanced the quality of my life.

        Like many internet marketers, I often feel that I send too many
        purely promotional emails, although I give my readers a lot of
        content (articles, and article series on topics such as traffic
        generation, list building, increasing productivity, etc.). I DO
        deliver a lot of value, but at the same time am continuously
        bombarded with requests to promote some really great products,
        and I probably say yes too often :-)

        I do have a strict policy of not recommending a product without
        having actually checked it out. Most of my long-time subscribers
        know that, so they don't mind the promotions as much. In fact,
        during large product launches, subscribers often email me asking
        if I promoting a given product, and if they can get MY affiliate
        link. If I haven't looked at the product, I tell them so. They
        appreciate my honestly, and that does generate a lot of sales.

        Anyway, that's my take on the whole issue.

        I do have friends who mail their lists 2, 3, even 4 times a day.
        I'm old-school, and was trained by people who use to send out an
        ezine once a week, and send out a solo maybe once every month or
        two. Things have changed some... but it's still largely about
        the relationship!


        Here's A Ready-Made High Ticket Product To Make Your Own.
        Click To Go BIG!

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    I would say 2-3 times a week is more than enough! Good luck
    Signature - Learn how to make over $50,000 per month!
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    I think it really depends from case to case, but normally I would say don't send daily emails unless you have something really valuable to say.
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    In my years as a email marketer, you need to realise the obvious.


    he has me on his list, and I love when i see his name and have to click the email everytime.

    For you it shall be no different.

    Get inside your customers head, get them thinking "chit!, this is joe again! I better open his email, cause I love the chit he sends me, it will surely help my business"

    If you can do this, you have won half the battle. Just getting them to open the email is part, and then clicking and buying is the next bit, but I will leave that to you.

    How much you send is up to you. Charles kirk sends even twice a day and his open rates go up more. Cause he sends people cool stuff.

    Help people, do not spam, and send peole useful stuff, and if you send stuff once a day people will click.

    So do not ask youself how often to send stuff, ask youself, if I was on my list, would I want this. And if the answer is YES, send away son!!
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      PTaubman (post #10 above) squeeze page and list is a good example of a list that you can "get away with" sending emails daily. He offers DAILY inspiration and motivation. Something like that would certainly not annoy people, in fact, it's something that people would actually look forward to.
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    You will get a percentage who will unsubsribe and some who will never read or open your mails.
    That's normal.
    Providing value will only work for so long.
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    I think it depends on what your lists expects of you when they sign up. For what it's worth, I'm in the ecommerce business. I make it very clear that users can enter their email for "exclusive daily deals, special discounts, and new product alerts" I send 1 or 2 products with discounts each day. Add 1-2 coupons (% off or free shipping) each month and 2-4 emails with new product alerts each month.

    I think the biggest part is letting your customers know what they're getting into before they sign up.
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    • Profile picture of the author Jennwith2ns
      I agree that it depends what they expected when they signed up. I feel silent rage for people who send me crap every day. With one exception, and that's because I purposely signed up for her daily email because they provide value for what I'm currently working on.
      Jenn - Writer and Marketer of Stuff
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    If I was on any email list that sent me an email every day, I would definitely unsubscribe. That's just me though, the only way to know for sure is to test test test.
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    I know my readers have told me they want my info daily, but I think I may switch it up to MWF only. This way they get 3 emails a week, and it is a happy medium between doing daily and only once a week. Also, I will make it very clear that they will get the info only MWF as well, so they know what to expect. No SPAM. Plus, 3 emails a week is much easier to handle on my end, and probably for them as well. The goal is not to burn them out quick, but to keep them for the long haul by delivering good stuff.
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    I would be pretty certain to unsubscribe very quickly if I received an email every day - and I have done so. The content would have to be incredibly valuable for me not to get annoyed at daily emails.

    Less frequent emails (with valuable content, obviously) on the other hand make me look forward to the next email.
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    Don't do it daily or your list will shrink up fast. You worked hard to grow your list. Treat it with respect and it will pay you back!
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