2011 Is the Year For TrailBlazers

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2011 Is the Year for True Trail Blazer's willing to break free from the shackles of the I.M clutches.

Listen for sure Kern, Reese, and the GooRoo's have put some good content out there. They are blazing the trails.

Are they smarter then you?? HECK No!! Are they smarter than me? Well maybe Seriously. They are most certainly not. They have worked hard and taken action that's it. They have learned to create and do their own thinking.

2011 is the year I hope all in I.M. think for themselves, the year they don't underestimate the power within themselves. I hope it's the year everyone stops looking for a magic bullet but sets a goal and takes action like a speeding bullet.

I urge all to do a Guru bankrupt and ignore the hype this year. You Deserve it. They have taught what you need. You know what to do. Focus in with lazer like intensity and make some massive moves.

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Sike!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me you weren't going to click that!
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