Almost 200 Sales in less than a week :)

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Hey warriors,

I just wanted to say that I broken a new personal record!

I usually only sell higher front end products $67 and UP, I only
end up selling 25 to 40 to a small group of my close customers.

But last week I have made an effort to reach out into the other
part of the world... off the warrior forum, lol.

I am almost at 200 sales, and I am super happy about it! I have
never sold more than 50 of one thing, and now 200 of the same
product just seems unreal.

An old paradigm broken for me, and now I can start thinking in the
hundreds instead of the 10's.

I am hoping this will help me get the sales figures I have been looking
for such a long time

Anyways, back to work for me!
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    Way to go Dylan. The sky really is the limit.


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    Congrats Dylan! This is great to hear.

    Keep up the good work...

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    Awesome news Dylan,

    Congratulation on breaking your own personal records, you definitely deserve it!

    Best Regards,

    -Alex Kaplo

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    Thanks guys!

    Pr3ci0us007, it wasn't using lists, but now I have a list of almost 200.. buyers but it should be growing, my goal is to try and get a list of 1000 buyers for jan (or mid jan) if this keeps up.

    Its a combination of cool affiliates, blogging, video marketing (my secret weapon) and a really kick-ass sales system that i just started to use to automate everything.


    Oh I am! Just not tonight... Friday I am going to a NEW steak house, I have eated at some of the finest places in Ottawa, and my goal is try 'n eat at everyone of them. Some are pretty scary though, haha.


    Thanks, much appreciated!


    Thanks man! Once my project lists starts getting smaller, in jan, I am
    going to be keeping you busy! I hope, anyways.
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    That's ace Dylan..

    real good to hear dude.. Keep rockin!



    Bare Murkage.........

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      congratulations on your success...doesnt it feel good to to out do what you expected?
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    OK, Now... put together a report/ebook that EXACTLY describes how you did this in detail, and you will have a very successful product to sell as your own, and keep 100% of the profits.

    (Or, you could always give back to the warrior members and share that knowledge here for free...)

    "Learn, Do, Teach"... (i forgot what post that is from... someone help me out here...)

    Get to work, or someone will do it before you!!!

    - Jared


    Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    Originally Posted by Dylan Jones View Post

    An old paradigm broken for me, and now I can start thinking in the
    hundreds instead of the 10's.

    I am hoping this will help me get the sales figures I have been looking
    for such a long time
    That's fantastic, Dylan. Good for you, man!

    I love reading about personal breakthroughs.

    It's the best feeling in the world. Hold onto it and replay it in your mind every time a seed of doubt starts to fester!

    I was on Twitter earlier and Mike Morgan wrote a nice tweet about embracing fear as a salesperson/entrepreneur in order to grow.

    My response was: "Fear of failure (therefore not trying) has killed more sales by a country mile than even the worst pitch ever could..."

    How many of us have not experienced self-doubt sabotaging a project we were stoked about previously? Not many, if we're honest with ourselves.

    When we face down that fear, and act... and things work out well... all that power it held over you becomes YOURS. It's the best part of being an entrepreneur/salesman, IMO.

    That feeling is ADDICTIVE in the best sense of the word. Anyway, nice job and nice post.


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    Great idea! I have plans to offer it for free, and I will probably do a report, but probably not until Jan.


    Your a wise man, and great post.

    "self-doubt sabotaging a project we were stoked about previously?"

    That part is the most revealing, I find.

    Everytime I think of something that makes me want to "get it done now!"
    type project, I always feel like its the best time to write the sales copy,
    because for the most part, you are never really that stoked about
    the ideas again, because of the self-sabotage (if one has the problem.)
    To that degree of "stoked-ness" anyways...

    I haven't done it yet, but I am going to try experimenting with new
    projects. Get the idea, fall in love with it, and write the barebones
    sales copy with all that excitement, and create the product.

    Also, if I was a testing man, I could write the sales copy with the excitement
    and do a test and sell it, but have the order now button a link to saying
    that it will be "coming soon" (not actually capture the sale)

    Anyways, I love the insight Brian!
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    Wow, 200 sales, that is truly lifechanging, retirement level money. Keep up the great work and enjoy that steak for me.
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