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Hi Warriors,

I've been online for a few tears now and i started the hard way by learning bit by bit the skills i needed to to set websites up.

Anyway here's the thing with me, I understand how to create an ebook, how to create the site for it, squeeze page, sales page, wordpress, copywriting, pre-sellig and so on. So technically I'm able to find a niche, extract the keywords i need and set up the site with the product. My problem is that I would like to speed up the whole sale process by doing a product launch or some sort of joint venture ( by splitting the profits ) as i'm not a master at generating organic traffic.

You see, I loved the idea of starting from scratch, create a site, get some free traffic and maybe close a sale here and there,and I thought it was ok, but i reached a point in my life where i must understand, learn and become successful at marketing products online the REAL way.

Anybody had the same experience, or has any advice?

I will appreciate feedbacks

Thank You,

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    Hi Paolo,

    It sounds like you are well on the way to launching your first product, as you appear to have the basics well sorted.

    This is certainly the forum to attract JV partners, and in posting this post alone I am sure you will have people coming to you asking you what you are going to be launching and if they can review your product (as product reviews sell products – period!)
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    Originally Posted by paolo83
    Hi Warriors,

    I've been online for a few tears now
    I thought you mean to say years...

    Listen, If you are good at above mentioned stuffs then you must launch your first product asap. The next thing you have to do is to contact product launch managers.

    These PLMs (Graduate From Jeff Walker University) are good at their work, though they charge upfront fees but its worth of every penny you invest.

    D Maind
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