What small product/program would make your marketing efforts easier?

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As a programmer, I always build little apps to make my life easier. For example, I'll write little webscrapers for specific content, automated e-mail generation, stuff like that.

But I know most people aren't able to do that - and oftentimes I see people post things like "if only I had something where I could extract multiple e-mails from a website" or "if only I had something to gather information for me"... what small program or product would make YOUR life easier as an IMer?
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    Something that I could load a list of keywords into and it would go get the top 10 domains it finds in Google.

    Then it looks at each domain and gets its top 100 most potent back links.

    Then out of the 1000 sites you would now have, it tells me which ones are blogs so I can start participating in the conversation at those blogs and get links.
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