Question-1shopping cart autoresponder funnel-what are you doing?

by kona
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I'm using 1shopping cart and one of the draw backs to the autoresponder in 1shopping cart is it only allows you to setup a global autoresponder.

This means the same autoresponder sequence is used for every product. So if you sell in multiple markets such as a list building course and an aging product they would be sent the same followup message from the autoresponder (if used). You can't have a product specific autoresponder.

I have been adding an additional step on the Thank you page, which has an opt in form to collect their email address and start the Aweber autoresponder sequence. The wording is like this: "In order to receive your download please enter your email address and I'll make sure you get the download, updates and any necessary communication"

I'm curious what other people are doing to collect emails and building a list when selling products and using 1shopping cart.

Thank you for your time.
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    Hi Mike,

    Are you sure that's how it works?

    I haven't used 1 Shopping Cart for about a year now but how I used to do it was this:

    1. Set up an autoresponder series for the product I want to have a list for.
    2. Set up the product - in the product options there is a place to set your customer to automatically be added to your list. Set it to add them to the list you just created.

    By doing that they are added as soon as they buy your product and you can communicate with them however you like. I usually used the digital download for products if it wasn't too big to upload right into the product setup.

    Like I said I haven't logged in in quite a while but I doubt they would have removed that function?
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      Hi Angela,
      Yes I'm sure this correct. I emailed 1shopping cart and asked them this specific question and they confirmed that they don't do product specific autoresponders.

      When you add your Aweber email to 1shopping cart you go into setup>orders and add your list name/email in the Order Notice Email -Primary Destination field. You can see here:
      How Do I Integrate 1ShoppingCart With AWeber? :: AWeber Knowledge Base

      Then when you setup your product in 1shopping cart there is a drop down in the Details tab labeled "Autoresponder" If you've added your aweber email you can tell the system to use the global email autoresponder.

      It seems crazy that you can not use a specific list autoresponder for each product.
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        Originally Posted by kona View Post

        It seems crazy that you can not use a specific list autoresponder for each product.
        Agreed - it is crazy you can't setup specific autoresponder integrations. What did you end up doing for this? I'm struggling with this too.
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    Oh ok I didn't realize you were using Aweber to integrate with it.

    When I did those steps above it was using the email system within 1ShoppingCart. I eventually switched away because I didn't like the system and prefered Aweber too.
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    I'm still using 1shopping cart. But thinking about switching to Nanacast. But need to check into their system first.

    In the mean time I have a work around. After the customer places the order I send them to a thank you page. Well it's technically a page that says "To receive your order enter your email below" Or something similar. Then I have an email only opt-in box and turn off the double opt-in within Aweber.

    You could use double opt-in and just make them confirm before you give them the download link. This has worked very well for me. I have 0 complaints in Aweber (knock on wood!) and I've been using single opt-in for a long time.
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      Sweet. I see how that works. Will try that out - kind of annoying but if you position it right I could see it working. (In my case, the emails ARE the product, so if they don't signup, they'll come calling for sure!)
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    Let me know how it works out!
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