My 1000th Post Gift for You

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Hi Warriors

For the last couple of weeks I've been trying to think of what I can do as a gift for you on or near my 1000th post.

I didn't feel I had anthing of quality to offer. I could have written some articles and given a free bundle for anyone to have but it didn't feel enough somehow.

As I'm working on a subject outside of IM then I couldn't realy offer a free book either.

I have had so much help, support, advice and encouragement from other warriors that I wanted to give something of quality in return. I won't name names as we'd be here all day. So for anyone who has taken the time to read my posts, help out via posts, PM, emails, hands on with my website etc a big thank you to you all.

If it wasn't for this forum I'm sure I would have given up on IM a long time ago.

So, as luck would have it I came across this free software the other day and decided I'd share it with you for this occassion. I would have shared it anyway but this seems like a good time.

For anyone wanting more free traffic to your websites this is software that finds quality sites that will link to you. There's been a few posts recently about backlinking so it's good timing.

It's simple to use and all you need to do is enter your keywords and it will find sites for you. You then click on a link that takes you to that site and if it's relevant you can leave a comment.

I've only used it a couple of times myself but it saves time in searching for simiar sites to you.

There's a tutorial in how to use it so you can't go wrong.

Anyway, here's the link so grab it and try it. I am in no way affiliated with it. You do have to provide your details to get it though.

Real Link Finder - Free Link Building Software by Neil Shearing

I also found this report on a 'Beginners guide to Linkbuilding' so as an added bonus and to complement the software get a copy of this as well.

The 2 are not by the same person but it was perfect timing when I found it. You can get it here:

Thanks again to everyone!!

I look forward to spending many more happy years here and getting to know more of you and help where I can.

Best wishes

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    thanx a million
    Ex-ghostwriter now writing exclusive PLR ebooks - Limited PLR Club
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      I'm doing a programme with Michael Cheney just now and that is one of the tools he recommended to me to use.

      It is very easy to use and speeds things up a bit.

      I think its worth using.

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    Hi Mary,

    Congrats on your 1,000th post! Looking forward to the next 1,000, then the next, then the...

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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  • Profile picture of the author Mary Gallivan
    Thanks everyone!

    I thought there would be more takers on this - maybe some people haven't got up yet :-)

    Michael - I've just started towards my next 1,000. Hopefully it won't take me as long next time.

    Best wishes

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    I'd better get cracking. I've been a forum member since '04 and still don't have 1,000 posts. I guess I just don't have much of value to contribute

    "Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something." -Plato

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    Thanks for the tip! I'm reading the PDF right now. I'll download the software when I get home later today ;-)
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  • Profile picture of the author Mary Gallivan
    I hope there are of some use to you all.

    Best wishes

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      Thank you Mary, and good luck with your next 1000 posts!

      I'm just in the process of finally getting a blog up and running, so your finds came at the right time for me.

      Oscar Toft

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  • Profile picture of the author Marlow
    Hi Mary!

    You're so cool Congratulations on your 1,000th post. What a terrific milestone. Will be looking forward to your next 1,000.

    Thank you for the link and the pdf. Very nice indeed. I was aware of Neil's software but could not use it as it's for PC's only. Heard great reviews however.

    The pdf will sure come in handy. Just grabbed it now and will read it this evening.

    Here's to you Mary!

    Best wishes to you.

    My Blog: Effective Internet Marketing Help

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  • Profile picture of the author Mary Gallivan
    Thanks Jazz and Marlow - it's a nice feeling!

    I wonder how long it'll take me to catch up with Steven Wagenheim - or am I setting my sights too high? :-)

    Best wishes

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  • Profile picture of the author momsadvice
    Wow, Thats alot of posts. Thanks for the gift. I am new to this forum. I got a lot of catching up to get to a 1000. =)

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    • Profile picture of the author Charles E. White
      Congratulations Mary on your 1000th post.

      It's been good to have you here with us!

      Charles E. White
      Internet Money Making Programs
      ^Find out the programs and products we have found to be worth the money^
      Join our FREE newsletter and get up-to-date details.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mary Gallivan
    Thanks Maria and Charles!

    Paul - I always felt I had nothing much to contribute but you'll surprise yourself - there mjust be something you know that everyone else doesn't know so help the newbies or chip in to discussions. Your post count will soon add up and you learn as you go.

    Best wishes

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    • Profile picture of the author Greg Cooksley
      Hey Mary,

      Well done on reaching a 1000 posts.....

      Thanks for the gifts...


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  • Profile picture of the author jacstone193
    congrats Mary - still watching you daily!
    Jack Stone - Who strongly believes that helping others is the best way to help yourself !
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    Thanks for those, Mary, great to see your 1000th post.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mary Gallivan
    Thank you jacstone193 and JPaston

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    Thanks a lot Mary. I´m just in the process of writing down ways to increase website traffic as part of my 2009 plans. This comes right on time.
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    • Congratulations on your 100th post Mary! Great resource you shared with us. Thanks and good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author Byrt M
    BTW Mary I just got past my 100th post - only 10% from where you are but I am running as fast as I can. Look out for me
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  • Profile picture of the author talfighel

    Congratulations on your 1000 posts.

    I think that you coming here and sharing your ideas with others is a great gift to the forum.

    Hope to see you on your 2000 posts too.
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Oksa
    Congrats again...

    Note that Mary's post was made in November...of 2008!


    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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