Coaching? - Disadvantages of coaching?

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are there any setbacks of coaching for your field?

advantages =
you become the authority
when people see this, the can refer others to you
you can charge big bucks for coaching

if you rarely get asked a question and you don't know the answer this....

what other disadvantages of coaching?

and whats the best way to do coaching for your customers? using a live online telephone and set up dates per customer? any software?
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    Coaching is the way to share one's life experience, expertise, and passion combined into powerful questioning and enabling the customer / client to come to the answer that best suits there goals. Done ethically, with conviction, congruancy, and integrity - there is absolutely no disadvantage to coaching. Cheers, Susan Poole
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    Attraction marketing is the best coaching tool. Give people informative info that will guide them to success. I found the more you give, the more you make in the long run.

    If you get asked a question you don't know, use the internet. You can't possibly know everything but you can always research.
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