What To Do With A Potential Viral Video On Youtube?

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Hey Guys,
So basically what I have is a video that WILL get at least 1 million views within the first few weeks. I'm planning to upload it on Youtube, and link it to an affiliate link, or perhaps a product I am planning to put together within the next week.
Whats the most profitable thing I can to right now to leverage the amount of views I will be getting when I upload this video?
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    First, put down the kool-aid.

    Your expectations may be a little overblown.

    Just for grins, what makes you think you can get that many views?

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    You watch too much Ted Williams videos. You're expectation of 1 million views in a few days is way out of tune especially just to promote a product. People are looking for videos out of the ordinary.
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    You guys don't understand. He's going to put it on YouTube, and then watch it a million times.
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    If You can really made 1 milion view there's so much you can do to monetize your videos. I suggest to put the relevant cpa offer on it.
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    I'll tell you what not to do:

    Do NOT place an sign telling people to click on the link below the video in order to learn how to make money (a.k.a. your affiliate link).

    I just did this last week on a video which just hit viral and was getting several thousand views/hour.

    As a result my account was banned within a few hours of posting the affiliate link and all my videos were taken down!

    So watch out when promoting something....I think it should be highly related to the video, but maybe somebody else knows more about this stuff.

    Your traffic not converting?
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