automated ping software?

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Is there a cheap or free utility like pingomatic that will constantly do it for me rather than me doing it manually?
Do you think that there is a benefit to this?
Many TIA
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    I do not know of one that will do this without your IP address being banned. Especially the ones that are cheap or free, their proxy service part is not always up to snuff.

    And if I was a betting person (I am not) and I ran a ping service, I would invent auto ping software and give it away for free, with the sole intention of catching people who were trying to auto ping, then banning them and delting their account and feeds.

    The betting part comes in where I would bet that a lot of folks would use this software.

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    I don't think there is any advantage in constantly pinging the same site content. Wordpress has plugins that will auto ping new POSTS. If you had an rss feed set up then the plugin will auto ping that for instance but beware the google seo slapdown and dance etc
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    Thanks fellas.
    I was asking for a "friend."
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    If you are using Wordpress, it will ping any site/s you nominate every time you edit or make a new post. The problem with this is if you are someone who posts very often and is always editing posts and pages, than this can have a negative effect. So to control how many times your site pings you can use plugins. The one I currently use is called cbnet Ping Optimizer

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    I have used pingomatic on wordpress before. It seemed like a good program.
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    Pings work. Period.
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    I do ping my blogs consistently. At least there is no crime doing it.
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    You can get automated ping software from here
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