Can I Lose Top Position In Google???

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Hey all

I have an Ezine article that is ranking in the number 1 position for a certain 3 word keyword/phrase. Now this keyword is set to be searched thousands, probably tens or hundreds of thousands of times in the next few weeks, up until the middle of March probably where it will dwindle.

I'm pretty sure you can figure out the area I am in. Not really in it for the money, while I do monetize the site, its more the traffic generation I am looking at.

The thing is I posted the article a while back and its crept up the rankings but I have done nothing other than order a small blast of 1000 backlinks around 10 days ago. I do not do any other promotion or anything, yet.

So basically speaking I have done nothing to get the article to number 1 in the rankings but is there anything I can do to keep it there?

For the top 3 keywords in the area I am working on, my site ranks in the top 3 pages.

Tried to sell the site but no one wanted it lol. Just wondering if maybe some more backlinks will push the site further up. Sort of a shame really as I have number 1 position for main keyword but struggling to do anything with it lol
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    As soon as a competitor(s) starts targeting your keyword(s) or someone else writes an article on the topic, then all is fair in love and article marketing.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
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      Originally Posted by tpw View Post

      As soon as a competitor(s) starts targeting your keyword(s) or someone else writes an article on the topic, then all is fair in love and article marketing.
      Bingo (Howard Johnson is Right!!!)

      You will go up and down with the tide of competition and SE updates. Add more content and "Bob's Your Uncle".

      If you really want to leave the #1 position, there are ways that can be done

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      echo ("Give me" . " " . $php_coding . "!");

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    Well, there was someone in the top position before you got it. Should be pretty simple to figure that question out.........
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    Yeah probably a stupid thread title, however thread question remains.
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      Originally Posted by the_icon View Post

      Yeah probably a stupid thread title, however thread question remains.

      I must be dense, but I don't see the other question. I have read your post three times now.

      Having multiple number one rankings do not mean much, if you are:

      * Targeting keywords that people rarely search;

      * The way Google displays your site title and description does not convince anyone to click your link; or

      * You don't have a good sales funnel on your landing page.

      And most people buying sites only do so, when they believe the site is currently making money.

      And to answer the only question I see again, Yes you can lose your Google rankings.... Nothing in Google is permanent.
      Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
      Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    You can keep it there by supplying fresh, unique content daily - link sites to it and try and get ranked with another few articles or web 2.0 properties and ideally your site.

    Then if you lose one position you have one as backup.
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    If I had a blog going after certain keywords and there was only an ezine article ranking number 1 - I'd be thinking I could take it pretty soon. I think you need to get your blog up there.

    edit: I realise you've leveraged the power of ezine for easy fast rankings in a particular scenario but I'd still be pushing my money site at it big time. It wouldn't take you long.
    I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build. - Ayn Rand
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      Probally will NOT be there very long. Don't normally see articles ranked # 1 in most searches I do.

      If you can tell me the Key word, I will build a website around the keyword that will probally get # 1 and STAY there much longer.

      Then I can be # 1 and YOU can be # 2.

      It's late here in Thailand...
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      The odds are that you have the number one position when you seearch for your article. It does not mean that everybody else sees it that way.

      They might, I am not the search engine overlord, but the odds are pretty great that other people see the results differently than you do. But I would aslo venture to guess that you have a position on the first page in almost anyone's results. I am guessing here, I do not know that for a fact.

      If you have had some success, why not apply this experience to your own page and see if you can get good ranksing for that as well. In effect, you would be competing with yourself, and there could be a lot worse situations to be in.

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    Keep building backlinks to try and stay in your top position.
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    Just continue to build links in order to maintain your status. Shouldn't be too difficult unless someone starts targeting your keyword hardcore.
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      Yes.. with the same or better keywords.. Could overtake you...
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    Linkbuilding, linkbuilding and again linkbuilding!
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      Keep building backlinks consistently to your article. This is the way to reinforce your ranking.
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    Exactly, keep building back links, But do it for 2 urls at least.

    1 that of your article on Ezine and 2 of the website it points to.
    You need to know that one article in top positions can only survive, if you maintain it like your own website.

    Having article on Ezine is much better for postions as there are over 100 complications mainitnaing your own website. So keep that article on top by building lenses and blog spots around it. Make sure to give all the link juice from these lenses and blogspots you create to the ezine website that has your article in it and let the article inturn give your website that juice.

    And do not worry of that competition, you already rank #1, so it should be pretty easy maintaining it. Just 1 hr a week should do the job.

    I am sure your article must be worth reading that gained its position. Just back links and SEO don't do it all getting that position.

    Congratulations! You have done it....
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    10 strong backlinks are much better than 1000 weak links. Google looks at the quality of backlinks created and how much time it took. If need to compete with an article on ezine and for example. The article has 10 backlinks, i analyze the links and try to get my links on it to and create 2 or 3 more. Sometimes the backlinks are so weak that with 1 or 2 pr6 links you can easily remove them from the number #1 spot.
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    Why don't you rewrite the article a few times, post these new articles to somewhere like Goarticles and Squidoo, and then try to outrank it yourself. If you get to number 1 go back to the Ezinearticles article and build more backlinks to try to get this one back to number 1 etc,etc. That way you can easily have the top 3 positions all to yourself.
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