Spam is Killing You! (Bonus: How to Fix The Problem)

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My brother and I do a lot of customer support via email. We often use Gmail
for this effort. Although I like Gmail a lot, it does cause problems from time
to time.

What's the problem? Well, many support emails that are sent to use go right
into the spam folder. Similarly, some of our emails out of Gmail get filtered
as spam by our customers.

How frustrating...

What are we doing about it? Well, the answer is that we need to set up a
Help Desk. Honestly we make too much money NOT to have a Help Desk.
It is a small investment with a huge payback.

How will it pay us back?

Again, this is pretty simple. When people don't get our emails or if we don't
respond because their emails are filtered, there is frustration and even anger.
That means lost business. It means attrition for our memberships.

It's far more profitable to keep existing customers happy than it is to win
over new customers. Hey, we're good at pulling in new customers, but it's
still far better to keep existing customers happy.

The answer for us is getting a Help Desk set up. Many other people can
profit from this advice, I'm sure.

With that said, what do you recommend regarding Help Desk software? We've
done research and have 2-3 choices. However, I'd love to hear from Warriors.

1. What Help Desk software do you have installed? (Why?)
2. What do you expect out of a Help Desk?

The lesson here is simple. Don't fight spam, avoid it completely. :-)

~ John
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