Blogging is the Best Way?

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I've seen many people with the answer of "blogging" to questions such as...

"What is your best way to get traffic?" and "What is the best way to get started without spending money?"

But, does blogging mean different things to different people?

Do you mean using blogging software and just creating content and using the blog as your hub to store all your content?

Can't you create content for your own website consistently without "blogging" using software like xsitepro?

Andrew Sullivan has a blog, in the traditional sense of the term (at least how I think of it). He'll post multiple times a day. Some posts are just a link he found

Seth Godin has a blog in the traditional sense as well. Is this what you mean when you say blogging in answers to the questions I outlined above? Or do you mean a collection of content you create?

So what's your opinion...What do you mean when you say blogging?
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      People say that, for SEO purposes, "Google loves blogs", and even that isn't true: what Google loves is "regularly updated sites".
      That's a really good point!

      To me, a blog uses a CMS (content management system) like Wordpress or Typepad, and is updated semi-regularly with new posts and has some sort of structure. It's not a static website that mostly just sits there, even if it uses a CMS. My website for my consulting business runs on wordpress, but I wouldn't call it a blog.
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        Here is the big benefit of a more traditional blog (comments turned on).

        You get a lot of user-generated content over time.

        My blog has been around a while and I've posted roughly 300 times.

        I'm coming up on 17,000 approved comments. These all contains words and phrases that my posts get found in Google for...that I did not have to write.

        Also...I still get comments to posts I made 3 years ago. I hit "approve" and Google sees that post as being fresh.

        Hard to beat!

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