How do YOU collect money from customers?

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If you are selling your own products, how do you collect money from customers?

I have a setup where I send my customers a PayPal "money request" (basically a bill), and they can pay with their credit card through PayPal. Do you have a different or better way?
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    A paypal link or paypal request and occasionally money bookers, western union or a check.
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    check, paypal or 2checkout depending on what I'm collecting for.... e-goods are the latter two.

    Offline consulting is usually check but sometimes paypal.

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    I call them em up. Tomorrow one is driving to my house to pay me. Yeah, in cash even. I use to prefer paypal, but I got tired of the fees I have to pay. Checks take time to clear and banks like to drag their feet on clearing them, but good old cash works wonders in this day and age.
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    Unfortunately I need to rely on if you are reading this nice.
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    Tomorrow one is driving to my house to pay me. Yeah, in cash even.
    Wow, I have never heard of someone driving over to pay in cash for a service rendered online - is this even safe? Have you had any problems with this?
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    I use Clickbank and dlguard on my sales pages

    never any problems and about 5% refunds

    not into 'collecting' would rather simply be the payee

    If the product is good they buy it and keep it. If its crap or they are just freebie hunters they refund. If they refund my products don't work any more for them so its no biggie

    also my products do not work on anymore than one computer so they cannot be 'file shared'

    Thats why I use ebookpro even though most marketers do not like it because of support issues. I have never had any problem with it
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    for me paypal is the best choice.....but they charge high per transaction so looking for another way also
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    It depends on the customer. I have some large corporate accounts that only pay by check, and usually net 30 or net 45 (gotta love corporations, eh?) but locally I start with a digital invoice from that paid through a 2Checkout account. Local customers that indicate they only want to pay by check get mailed an invoice on the last day of the month.
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    paypal request works grt for me
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    I use e-junkie + PayPal

    no sig

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      Clickbank + paypal

      also stick ups.
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