Flash Pros.... What is this?

by CashDoctor 2 replies

I want to have an interface like this. It appears to be flash but what exactly is this?

I want to outsource this and want to know a little bit about what I am looking for before I farm it out.

Anyone know a good person for this work?

What am I looking at in terms of price? ballpark?

Thanks Everyone.

*** Happy Thanksgiving for thos in the States.
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    It's a flash website. Flash development is pricey. When asking, make it clear you want the text to pull from an XML or text file so updating text is easy. Otherwise you'll be paying extra for simple updates to the FLA file. I don't do this kind of work and don't know anyone that does.

    You might be able to create something like this cheap using SwishMax.

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    Thanks for trying bluesquears. I will check out Swishmax. Thanks for the tip about the text
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