What I like about affilate marketing

by rkcc4
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What I like about affiliate marketing is that you get paid for your performance, no polictics, no boss. Already made a bit of money just dabbling.

I would appreciate any suggestions of things to avoid.
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    For me it's two things.
    It is cheap to get into (even free if you want), but even if you spend $100 a month on tools etc, that's still pretty cheap considering you are trying to start a business.
    Secondly, it allows you to build your business in your spare time which means you don't have to risk giving up your day job and income.

    Once you have things cooking nicely, you can then invest more money into your online business and hopefully give up your day job to do internet marketing full time.
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    I like these ideas also, although I haven't become a successful affiliate marketer...yet... I am slowly building my business. I need to devote a set amount of time towards my affiliate biz every day. I have BIG plans for the new year.
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    Yes internet business is cheap to start and there are many huge success stories in this business. So start it with small amount of capital and expand it with multi purpose marketing tools. Internet marketing is best if you have basic skills of business. It will help you to have a large amount of money within few months.
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    What I like most is that you can get exponential return on your efforts invested. If you are working for hire at $30/hr, there are only so many hours you can work. But if you can make your own business 10-20% more profitable time after time, the sky is the limit.
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    Don’t spend your money on secret strategies and software. It almost never works. All it takes to make it is not being afraid to work hard.
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    Be willing to invest part of your profits back into your business...whether it is tools, software, outsourcing, or education...It will help accelerate your growth!

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