How long before you chose your IM method?

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I'm wondering how long it took you before you found what method you really like doing to make money online. Did you spend months and months trying different methods before you found the right one, or you started with that method right away and stuck with it. Be it article marketing, list building, adsense, did it take you a lot of time or not to figure out what you wanted to do to make money online?

For me, I'm still looking for that method after about 2 months. I tried bum marketing, made a few hundred, but I don't like writing articles much. I also tried building a small adsense site, made about 15$ with a few articles (still going up everyday), but the best way to drive traffic to an adsense site is with articles, so I guess it's not for me.

So I haven't found it yet. Not sure what method I should try next. It's a bit annoying at that stage, because you're tempted to buy every WSO out there lol.
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    Hey Alex,

    I think it's kind of a natural progression. I'm still kind of figuring it out myself, but with time and experience you discover more about yourself and what skills you have that are valuable to other people.

    One thing for sure though it copywriting is a very valuable asset. You can always outsource, but its a skill that can make you a fortune. I'd say get used to and comfortable with article marketing, as it will help develop those skills.

    Make it a challenge to accomplish particular goals with your article marketing and it will make it more enjoyable.

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