Can you cater your bio based on specific niche you market to on Ezine?

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If Im promoting say, a dog training product with several articles on ezine can I have a specific bio that states my dog training credentials AND at the same time market another niche say, relationships and have a separate specific bio for that niche as well? Or does ezine only allow 1 bio per author to every article they write across the board?

Does this apply to article base or squidoo as well?
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    I'm not a ezine expert but in my experience of them and others similar sites is that your bio is a single item used for all your postings.

    Maybe setup another account with them, check their TOS before you do this though.

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    You can with different pen names for sure. I am pretty sure you can do it with individual articles too, but I have not posted there in a while.
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    Can you be more specific?

    Are you talking about the About ______ section that shows up on the screen? or are you referring to the resource box that is posted at the end of an article?

    If you're referring to the former, it's one per pen name. So, the solution is simple, create a new pen name for each niche.

    If you're referring to the later, you can craft a new one on each article and store 3 resources boxes per pen name (12 for premium members). However, you can always write one from scratch or edit them on a per-article basis.

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      You can definitely do that by using different pen names. I know for sure you can on EZA and AB. Also just a tip I always make my bio's appear to be exactly what my target market for the articles is. I learned it from watching tv commercials but I noticed a real difference when I started doing it.
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