If You Need Money NOW, Then You Suddenly Find A Goldmine, Would You Rent Or Sell It?

by King Shiloh Banned
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The question is very clear I guess.

You need money now then providence provides you with a goldmine. It could be in the form of a very lucrative website given to you as a New Year present. It could be a lucrative web hosting company given to you as a gift. It could be a best-selling ebook which you have just been given all the resell rights in this world.

Okay, let's assume it's a very lucrative membership site or forum like the Warrior Forum. Then, you have two offers/options: rent or sell.

Would you rent it?

Would you sell it?

Why would you rent it?

Why would you sell it?

What would you do?

Remember, you need money NOW.
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    I would either write a report, or more likely have a report written, on how to do this. And then sell the report. i still have my gold mine, and I also have the money I made from telling others about it.

    Bottom line, I will probably make more money selling the report than from operating the gold mine. That is usually the way it is.

    Tim Pears

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      I would mine that thing for a while first and then sell it...unless your really hard up for cash then rent it to get a little bit of both sides.
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    I would rent it, or for that matter just leave it as it is earning residual income every day. Unless a crazy offer came in, and I mean CRAZY, then I would have to consider... :p
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    Well, this really depends on the precise amount of money that I need.

    If I can get my immediate needs taken care of through renting the site, then I'd definitely want to rent it as it'll provide me with residual payments for hopefully a long time.

    If renting the site does not generate enough cash for my immediate needs, then I'd sell it.
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    I assume you're only giving me the two options, and keeping it isn't an option.

    In that case, I can say you haven't given me anywhere near enough information to make an informed descision.

    What's the monthly cashflow? Pofit? Loss?

    What' the market?

    How long has it been generating this income?

    Is it a stable market? Are there any market changes fortcasted in teh future? Are tere any conditions you could anticipate that could change the market?

    How much could I sell it for?

    How long would it take me to earn that by renting it? More specifically, how long would I have to rent it to surpass the money earned by selling it?

    How bad do I need the money right now?

    How quickly could I reinvest the money and create another goldmine if I sold it?

    How hard would it be to find an interested buyer in the future?


    A lot of things I would need to know before making that descision.

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  • Profile picture of the author Lazy
    I would do both! And so does the warrior forum

    People buy condos all the time. I would own the website's exterior. The backbone. The foundation. And the content would belong to my users. Just like here. And I would collect HOA fees, just like the warrior forum does with the war room.

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    I would sell it because like you said I need money now and besides you can get 8 times the amaount of something like a membership website and if you know the method on how you did that action (I mean create that membership website) you can do it again with another topic but this time you'll be alot faster at it

    1. Because you did it before
    2. Because you have alot more money because you just sold the website service or product.

    3. I would accully video tape myself walking through the steps the second time I did it. Do one more cash flip then show the videos to an outsource team so I could still make money with the method doing absolutely none of the hard work.

    That is what I would do but hey that's just me.

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    For me I would sell the goldmine, doesn't matter if I need or don't need money at the moment when I got it. First reason is if I sell it I would get money to invest into business that I like to work with. Second reason is even if it a goldmine and you can get residual income out of it but a large sum of money as one is still always better. If I want residual income I still can put that money in the bank and get interest out of it. Third reason is if something a goldmine today might not still be a goldmine the next year if you don't know how to use it potential. That is still just mine opinion.
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    • Profile picture of the author VanessaB
      I'd sell half
      Keep 25% for rental
      Sell 25% with financing for residual income + interest.

      The Recon Report
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    If it truly is a gold mine, it could provide the money I was looking for.

    However, I'd probably do an evaluation of the goldmine. Even if it is producing a good return, if it doesn't fit my moral or ethical standard it isn't worth keeping.

    Similarly, if I didn't believe in the product, or the future of the product, it would be a candidate for disposal.

    The problem is: If I don't believe the product or site has no future, or I felt it wasn't within my comfort level for moral or ethical standards, how could I sell it to someone else with a clear conscience?

    Aren't rhetorical questions wonderful?

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  • Profile picture of the author Barry Unruh
    Cough, cough...hmmmm...

    Do neither. Get an investment partner who can pay you 49% of the value for a 49% ownership, and 49% of the profits... You have your cash you need right now, and a platform to keep making money for the future.

    Yes, I did mean 49%, you do want controlling interest, right?
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  • Profile picture of the author AdiPurush
    I would sell it for a good price so i can get the instant money to invest it in the top ideas/products on my wishlist.
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