What Exactly is Guerrilla Marketing?

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Internet Marketing has taken it's stomp in the internet for years .

But why is everyone still confused between traditional marketing and the new age method of Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla Marketing isn't me marketing at all, it's you marketing. Everything a guerrilla marketer says in their marketing is about customer.

Here is a list that tells you what Guerrilla Marketing is about:

1) If you want to invest money you can, but you don't really have to.

2) Everyone understands their marketing skills and knows they are in control of their marketing.

** One of the main reasons some of the marketers are still not successful is because they confused themselves with traditional and Guerrilla marketing!

3) It is especially geared to small businesses with tiny budget.

4) It is okay to get high sales and responses to an offer, but the only number you should be looking
is still profit.

5) Guerrilla marketing is based, as much as possible, on psychology- laws of human behavior.

6) It is about knowing your business , maintain your focus, keep your mind off of diversity.

7) To grow geometrically:
- Enlarge the size of each transaction
- Go for more transactions per customer per year
- Harness the enomous referral power of your existing customers on a regular basis.

8) It is all about follow up.

9) No tough competition with competitor. You can offer your competitors a piece of the action simply for putting a link on their web pages or sending a free email.

10) A guerrila marketer talks to the customer about touring website, and visiting their web sites. The main concern is about customers.

11) Guerrilla marketing is about giving.

12) It adopts marketing combination which is a website, direct mail and advertising.

13) At the end of the month, guerrilla marketers count up how many new relationships they made, it focus on establishing relationships with people.

14) It requires you to be techno-cozy.

15) It aimed at individuals or small groups. The smaller the group the better. These are called niches.

16) It is intentional and it includes all the details.

17) It only intends to gain consent from people to receive more marketing materials from you.

18) It is a dialogue, back and fourth between the marketer and the prospect or the customer.

19) Guerrilla marketing identifies a hundred different weapons you can market with and sixty-two of them are free.

Today's sharing is to help you get a better understanding of what's really is Guerrilla Marketing.
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