Best converting product on Clickbank?

by rkcc4
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I know how to find products with high gravity etc but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the best converting offer on Clickbank?
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    It's a bad habit in a sense to go this route since products convert differently for different sites. A product could have large success due to their JV's or highly targeted site but do terrible in the smaller niches.

    Your best bet is to start with finding a hungry niche...then a product with conversions...

    Just my two cents,
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    Usually I would agree, I am just looking for a really high converter.
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      There isn't necessarily such a thing, because the one that's the best converting for someone else may not necessarily be the best converting one for you at all.

      It all depends on how they're pre-sold, and especially on the relationship you build with the list you build.

      Conversion rates aren't available, anyway, other than claims from vendors, and the experience of affiliates, if they're willing to divulge what they're promoting and how they're doing with it. So all the information you can get about this exact subject is always going to be either second-hand or unreliable. Or, of course, both.

      If it helps at all, out of just over 20 products I've now promoted altogether, my best two converters and highest sellers by far have been and are a couple of products with gravity figures close to 5. One of those two products' vendors also has another product in a totally different niche with a 3-figure gravity (about 120 now, from memory) but he steadily sells far more of the low gravity product, which is also higher priced. I'm not talking about anything unusual or strange here: that actually isn't atypical at all.

      Don't imagine that high-gravity products "convert better". Quite often the exact opposite is true, and there are good and valid reasons for that.
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    Thanks for the input Alexa and of course you are absolutely right about Gravity only being one factor and targetting. What I was interested in was a compelling offer, something that converts well, it is partly an experiment and partly a learning exercise.

    I guess people on here are reluctant to say where they are making money.

    It does not have to be that current, what I am looking for is an example of a compelling offer that might encourage newbies. Ideally it won't have 63 upsells and 17 exit scripts!
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    I look at the product pages and try to put myself in the buyers shoes. Most the time I will pick a product more on the feel I get from there site then the gravity or the money I make per sale.

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