Any Way To Inform Admin/Super Mods Of SPAM Private Messages?!

by Mark McWilliams 1 replies
I don't want to go namimg names here, it's not the sort of person I am plus the fact it goes again the WF rules. However, I've just come accross 2 of these messages which I would class as SPAM!

The person who sent them in my direction doesn't have any posts to their name!

Anyone have any ideas, cause I would guess Allen has quite a few PM's already and he can't accept any more when he reaches his limit! (I found that out before when I tried to PM him! )

Thanks in advance!
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    Hey Mark,

    I got the same message I think from that same person. Iam going to PM it to Admin (Allen) and let him take care of it.

    I was hoping there was a report buttom in the PM section but there isn't so this is the only way I can let someone else know about the problem.

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