A Very Good Article By an Honest & Well-Known Marketer

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Hi everyone,

I do know there are lots of other ethical and honest marketers out there who really take care of their readers and potential customers.

If you're an ethical and honest marketer that really provides value to your readers/customers, you will definitely love this post if you don't already read it.

Here it goes : Where is the Integrity in Internet Marketing?

Hopefully we can have more Internet marketers like this and make the IM community more healthy and a better industry.

Be cool
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    That is a grat post from Joel

    He's moving his business towards all his physical book sales, his wordpress theme, and mobile marketing, so it makes sense for him to distance himself from the scammers.

    I'm gradually unsubscribing from all the people who several years ago had some great products but are now just pimping their lists for any remaining sales.

    Here's another great blog article saying the same thing
    The PlanetSMS Blog - Brought To You By John Thornhill
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    That's interesting cause I kinda thought Joel Comm had disappeared from the IM world. I just thought he had kinda moved up to the big leagues.

    What is says is the truth. Personally, I've never been a big "tactic" guy so I didn't get swayed by too many products. I can see a newbie MAYBE getting taken a time or two. But I'm amazed at experienced WF members buying all this garbage.

    Seriously...I mean, there are HUGE launches going on and once the product is released, nobody hears anything about it. Each year, how many GROUNDBREAKING products are actually released. Most people can't even remember the big ones that launched that year.
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    Great read. I try to see the good in everyone myself but it is sad to be reminded how many people get feed up in the money and let it control them. Thank you for posting this link I hope many of the members here read it

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    That's a good post by Joel Comm. Thanks for pointing it out.
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