Think I just landed an awesome domain name...

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Recently, a good friend of mine got interested in my business.

He didn't have a lot of time to invest in making a product, learning the basics, so I basically gave him an email template, and a list of prospective people who might be willing to JV with me.

Sure enough, he spent a few hours emailing them, and landed me two joint ventures, resulting in about $1400 or so profit, and he earned a pretty generous commission for the time invested.

I saw him deviate from the template I gave him, and I noticed he actually did a pretty good job thinking on his own, was very professional and timely.

He approached me and said "You know, I really had a good time doing that, and it came pretty naturally, is there a way I could do that full time?"

I outsource a lot, so I have a lot of free time on my hands, and I like to handle relationships like that myself, so I told him about JV Brokering, and he really liked the idea.

So I went over to godaddy to see if there was anything still available, and go figure, I get:

So now I've got an appropriate domain name, I'm wondering, how would I go about marketing this as a service?

I'm thinking:

Create an authoritative site explaining what I do, how to get in contact with me, my rates, etc.

Create an amember or getresponse account for my clients to sign up for, and mail them with fellow members offers and products, so they may sign up for them as affiliates, etc.

Advertise here, word of mouth, the domain seems like a prime target for some SEO rankings.

My question is, what would some of you do?

If I did start trying my hand at brokering, or at the very least advising my friend, I'd imagine many of you would be clients, or at least potential clients.

I'd appreciate any feedback!
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    You might start by offering your services free or at some sweetheart rate so you can get one or two under your belt that can be used as realworld testimonials.

    I would think a lot of information transfer will be needed to adequately explain how your services will provide benefits. You might consider attacking that issue both in text and in video (as we've seen from threads here, there are some heavy preferences for one over the other both ways). Maybe even provide some fictional case studies so prospective clients can see how it works.

    You might also consider getting your site fleshed out. You'll need to look at a lot and get a lot of feedback before it can really take its final shape.

    Good luck with it. - Russ
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    This is a useful domain name for this purpose.

    Why is it for sale at Sedo?
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  • Could you explain the for sale thing at Sedo, or give me a link?

    I just purchased this via Godaddy two days ago.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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  • Odd! It's still mine!

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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    As usual Sedo are completely out of date when it comes to what is still for sale.

    Anyway, back on track, have you thought about a JV forum on this site, similar to JV Alert and so on, which could act as a funnel to the brokering?

    Putting your services in front of marketers here wouldn't do any harm either...

    ...Ooh, and let me know if you need a testimonial!
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