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When I left my day job yesterday afternoon, it was for the final time.

Today marks the first day of a major new phase of my life.

Am I thankful for that?

You bet your sweet bippy!

I can say without a shred of doubt that the single most vital factor to me being where I am today, in terms of conducting business online, is the Warrior Forum.

I'm not going to thank anyone individually here. Surely, no matter how many names I listed, I would surely miss someone.

So instead I'll simply thank the entire forum, and all Warriors.

May God bless you with happiness and prosperity on this day of thanks.

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    Hi John,

    Congrats on becoming an ExRat!

    Now you've just got to master the art of giving yourself a boot up the arse.

    Roger Davis

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    John, this is such great news. I haven't worked a job since December 31,
    1999, when after training my replacements I was shown the front door.

    I've never looked back and I'm not sorry.

    You are about to embark on the most enjoyable journey of your life. It's
    the reason why I work so many hours...I love this stuff and wouldn't do
    anything else.

    Congrats...and Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Congrats John.

    I envier you.

    Enjoy your new life, and keep up the good work.
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    Congrats! I've been working from home since 1996, and have never regretted the change. The internet is the best place on the planet to work and the best lifestyle I could ever imagine.

    It's the ultimate 'create your own reality' life!

    God bless and have a great Turkey Day!
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    What a great day to embark on a new adventure!

    Best wishes and every success in growing your online
    business to even more success.

    And, thanks to you for everything that you have
    contributed to the forum over the years.

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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    Hey John congratulations on breaking free of the rat race...the rats always seem to win!

    Shelton huh, we have a house there also - for the past 25 years - but spend all of our time away there!


    Chuck Evans - Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
    Learn How To Play Your Best Golf

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      Congrats John. Now you only have to salute me. Get down and give me 20.
      Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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        Hey John,

        Congratulations and thank you for your service to the US.

        I have been full time for almost a month and it is awesome.

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    Thats a major step..Congratulations. Hopefully you'll never have to return.
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    Congratulations on making yesterday the turning point of your life, John.

    Now, you can really celebrate today as "Thanksgiving Day!"

    Many more independent years to you.

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      Congratulations on a great move.

      I have read many of your posts and if you do business like you post you will have a very successful business.

      Have a great Thanksgiving day.

      Get information on growing older and healthier.

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