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The 17 Day Diet, if you haven't heard of it, has launched and is taking off quickly. It was featured on Dr. Phil and The Doctors TV shows multiple times.

To ride the wave of popularity, I have created a contest to help promote the product. This is where we can both benefit.

Basically, if you have a product in the Self Help, Weight Loss, Health, Fitness, or Spirituality niche you can contribute it as a contest prize. These can be physical prizes or e-prizes.

See what I mean here: The 17 Day Diet Challenge

Here's your benefit for joining in this contest.
1. Your product will be seen by all people who enter the contest and just visit the site.
2. A link will be provided to your product.
3. Contests are viral in nature and can bring in massive people to the site.
4. You could provide a product that every member gets after they reach a certain point threshold (great for eBooks)
5. During and after the contest, we will be mailing the massive list. Depending on the product, we may promote it to the list if appropriate.

The contest will run until 1/31/11. This is the perfect time to launch this contest because of the TV show challenge and because of the New Year resolution craze.

Please send an email to contest [at] with the prize(s) you'd like to contribute. Include URL if possible, so we can review your sales/offer page to see if it would be a fit. Also, let us know how many you wish to contribute.

If you have any questions, please send them to that email address or reply to this thread.
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