Google has 2 different versions of my site?

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I have heard of the "Google dance" and such, but I have never heard of the situation I'm in right now. I recently (a week or so ago) made some updates to my site in order to improve my SEO. Google finally noticed my changes today.. or so I thought.

When I search for my site's name, it comes up with my most recently updated site description, implying that it is basing search results on the newer version of my site. However, when I search for certain keywords, I am still low ranked (fine) but it has the old description! This implies that for this search, it is using the old version of the site. I am very confused.. has this ever happened to you? And if so, how long did it take to rectify itself? It is not a browser cache issue, by the way - already thought of that.
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    Probably site was crawled a couple hours ago and Google didn't update all the data bases around the world?
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