Do you prefer more content or less content from ebooks/reports?

by Timothy Allen 4 replies
If you had the choice to purchase two reports for the
same topic/information and same price which of these
two would you want:

A) This report is 20-25 pages long. You might call it
comprehensive with a little fluff.

B) This report is 5-8 pages long. It takes you right
to the strategy. You wouldn't call it comprehensive
and you also avoid fluff. It is direct, gives an
example and enough to learn whatever the report
was about.

So which one would you say you'd prefer?
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    What price point are you talking about?

    I ghostwrite ebooks for a lot of IM gurus - no I can't say who - and they generally want ebooks that are in the 20-40 page range, and I would have to assume there's a reason for that. There's just more perceived value in a longer book.

    The thing is, when you are promoting the book, the buyer doesn't know that the 20-25 page report has some fluff in it, do they? All they see is that they could buy a book of a
    certain length. And they're going to perceive that a book that's 25 pages long is going to have more value than the 5-8 page book.

    Now, they may be wrong, but that's going to be the perception.
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      Let's say it is in the $5-15 range.

      Internet Marketing Tips, Tricks and Techniques:

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      If a single paragraph report guaranteed me a 10,000% ROI, I'd perceive that as being very valuable!

      Really, for me it's a judgement call based on the subject matter.

      If it was a complete guide to - say - article marketing, I'd be a bit cheesed off it it was 5 pages long...doesn't sound very complete to me.

      However, if it was a single sneaky blackhat technique to get me to top of the SERPS, and it was 50 pages long...well, maybe I'd perceive that as either being too complicated or full of filler.

      Can't please everyone, right?


      Not promoting right now

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        An ebook or report should be the length that it takes to give enough vital info to make it useable and valuable. If it takes 100 pages to do so without fluff, then it is 100 pages. If it only takes a few pages, then the worst thing you can do for future product sales is to cram it full of fluff. If it turns out short, its a report, long is an ebook. You just have to market them differently (i.e. - with just this one little known method you can increase your traffic by 100%), then they expect just the main chase instead of an encyclopedia.

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