My hub page has surprised me....

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Almost two years ago I set up a hub to promote an affiliate product. I didn't build any backlinks to it and has been consistently ranking at number 3 on page 1 on google and now of late it is no: 1 - I am surprised because it was the 1st one that I created. The competition is about 2 million. It is a moderately searched for kw and I do achieve good visits each week.

I now would like to build further hubs - I have some keywords that are well searched for and the competition is about 6-10 million for these keywords - would I stand a chance?

Can anyone offer any advise regarding the selection of keywords for hub pages??

and anything I can do to help them to rank well? I may have just been lucky with this first one?! What do you think?
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    Yes, Hubpages can be very good - my advice is go for it - make about 5 interlinked hubs and see how you do with well researched keywords.

    Bookmark them, write some articles promoting your hubs, use other web 2.0 properties and video sites.

    Everything and all to get eyes to your page.

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      Hi Moneyland,

      The best keywords are the ones with a lot of traffic, but very little competition.

      What I do is build a list of keyword candidates.

      I use everything around me to give me inspiration: commercials, billboards, stores, things I’m interested in personally, etc.

      Your list off course will be unique to you.

      Once, I have around 50 to 70 candidates, I will then go to Google’s Keyword Tool and use it to weed out the keywords that don’t get at least 3,000 views per month.

      That usually eliminates around half of my list.

      The next step will be to determine which keywords have too much competition.

      I do that by looking at the top five websites on the search engine results page.

      I am an internet marketer, so I can tell if a website is using good SEO strategies.

      If a see that a lot of the websites have good strategies in place and have pretty high page ranks, then I’ll check it off the list.

      That will usually leave me around 5 keywords left.

      I use my discretion and intuition to pick out the winner of the remaining 5.
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        I wouldn't treat it any differently to how I treat any other of my sites. The same basics still apply. Go after keywords that are buying keywords, and get good traffic. Then build links to the page. Good luck
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