Why wait till rock bottom ?

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So I just wanted to put something down for the new guys like myself, there is a question for you also...

You see I just got started 5 weeks back with a blog, I have chased money online for over a year with no success but things are starting to change

You see I have a new found determination to succeed and I would say a main reason is the fact I have hit a point in my life where I either make this work or I go totally broke

So Im going for the success and Im not gunna quit now

I wanted to ask everyone...

Is it just me or does everyone wait till they really REALLY have to make it work to actually get off their backside and start being productive ?

Now I am on the right path I cant help but think how I could of done this a long time ago !!

I guess before I had debts and had money the desire wasnt there as much to make money online but now its a case of make or break,

I just want to erge anyone starting out or thinking of starting online do NOT wait till I did, start as soon as possible. I almost feel pressure on myself to make it happen now but I am not rushing it, I want a life long business not a quick fix.

Hope this helps

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    Awesome post, good luck with your business Dean!

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    Look for that post by Harlan. Get that eBook he links to. It's awesome.

    Thanks for your positive attitude and sharing it.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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