When You Are Starting Out, What is The One Thing You Desperately Want to Know

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I am creating my next product and wish to receive some inputs from warriors here. Here is the question:

"When you are starting out as a internet marketer, what is the one thing you desperately want to know."

I have put together a list for poll and based on the results of the poll, I will create the product. Rest assure once the product is out, I will put up a free WSO for warrior members here!!!
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    I'm answering "How To Drive Traffic" simply because with Traffic you can test everything else.
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    My vote went to building a list...without a good, responsive list you can offer real gold and diamonds for free and not get much of anywhere.

    Good luck!

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    Actually I voted for writing a salespage, because my technique is a big fat FAIL nine times out of ten.
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    I guess copywriting is under emphasize in most IM business
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    If I was just starting out, I wouldn't even know what those things meant.

    My main question would be, "What do I do first?", followed by, "Then what?"
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      Yeah, I couldn't even answer your poll based on when I was starting out.

      And what I did think I wanted to know later turned out to be the completely wrong stuff to get right first.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      Originally Posted by PhoebeSmellyCat View Post

      If I was just starting out, I wouldn't even know what those things meant.

      My main question would be, "What do I do first?", followed by, "Then what?"
      Same here. After that I would be asking the ff:
      1.What is a Profitable Niche or

      2. How to Create Product

      3. How to Write a Sales Page

      4.How to Build a List

      5. How to Drive Traffic

      6. How to Get Affiliate/How to Do JV
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    Traffic is the most important thing. If you can't get them to the page, none of the other stuff matters.
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    voted for traffic because..... sometimes your page might be cute adn all and very eye catching and audience attn grabbing...BUT....IF no one sees it then . blah I guess
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      No matter what you choose to do in IM, IMHO, there are very few things that require an actual product to be purchased. I tell people to go to as many blogs as they can and download as many free eBooks as they can. Make a nice little folder on your desktop, consume these, and take notes.

      The things people WILL need to get started included services like domain registration and hosting. Take those free eBooks and determine where you fall into the big picture of IM, with consideration to your skills and abilities. I'd recommend that people UNDERSTAND the various legitimate IM business models available to them, set out a plan and a course of action...then they can determine whether they need other products.

      Most things in IM have very little cost or barrier to entry. People are just generally put on information overload, so, the end result: they end up taking no action at all.
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    Definitely "Build a List" for me, but "Traffic Generation" comes in close second. The list is far more valuable IMO, because with it, you don't need a lot of traffic to make money.
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    I guess for most of us (me included) traffic and list building seem to be the most important thing in our mind....
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    I would say:

    Know where your market is. If there is no market for it, then it's a waste of time.
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    My bet is on profitable niches.

    I have spent hours of time as a newbie on niches/keywords that just don't work.

    It is best you know how when you start off, you'll be saving a lot of time.

    This post will benefit you greatly!
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    wow...looks like I'm one, out of two (so far) who voted for "picking a profitable niche"...

    Logically speaking, everything else could be a fail if you don't embed yourself/your product in the right niche.

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? As far as the best overall investment of time, I'm not sure that I would invest alot of time into creating a product if I had absolutely no idea whether it would succeed or not. Truly knowing your niche, and their tendencies and inclinations, 'should' be imperative before you begin considering all the other things.
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      Starting off, I wish someone would have told me how much more money I would be making if I was constantly adding new streams of income instead of working on one.

      I wish someone would have better explained to me the role of search engines and how to take advantage of them.

      I wish that someone would have explained to me the importance of sitting down and building a strategy instead of jumping at each opportunity I saw without any planning.
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    It'd definitely be how to drive traffic, because once you know how to do that effortlessly, everything falls into place quickly afterward.
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    I agree with Mark and PhoebeSmellyCat- if just starting out, I wouldn't even know what those questions meant.

    My biggest fear, in fact, my paralyzing fear, is putting so much time and effort into something that won't pay me a dime in the end!

    But I voted for traffic building, because that is the most important factor in making money. After all, if done right, you can sell ice cubes to Eskimos but you gotta get the Eskimos to come to your ice cube store!


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    learn all the topics and Form a business plan

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    Thanks guy, I am sure not only are those information for me but you guys as well. Keep on voting!!!
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    This just gave me an idea.
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    I voted traffic. As someone new to internet marketing, but familiar with creative processes and traditional marketing, I am interested in seeing how people get exposure without running expensive advertising campaigns.

    Mayfair Noble

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    The main thing that I have learned through my success is in 8 main steps on getting started that are crucial for success in any type of venture you may be starting. These points came from Charles Montgomery who is an up and coming leader in the internet marketing industry.

    1) Follow the leader or leaders in the industry
    2) Set realistic expectations
    3) Make a personal commitment
    4) Know about and practice patience
    5) Be involved in the community
    6) Avoid distractions that get in the way
    7) Focus on the task at hand
    8) Solve your own problems
    9) See yourself as an entrepreneur and not as someone with a J.O.B.

    Hope this helps!
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    All the options were listed except for the most important.

    "How do I get traffic without spending a lot of money to do so?"

    Not driving traffic. But how to get traffic.

    Anyone with $5 can drive traffic to your site. But if you don't have a great product or anything for that matter, then it's wasted.

    Here's a challenge for you... in one of my market's the only way you can get traffic is by consistently updating and offering the latest movies/episodes for download. Unfortunately even magazines in this genre do not perform too well in terms of profit. So how would I get traffic to my blog in this genre, when the common mentality of the average user is that it should be free and they can't afford to pay for it?

    Well that is a mystery in itself.
    "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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      When entering any new area of knowledge, the beginner is faced with the peculiar situation of knowing so little, that he/she does not know what questions to ask, does not know the enormity of the knowledge base of which he/she has no knowledge.

      Anyone entering the internet marketing field will want to know three things:
      1. What method is guaranteed to make enough money so I can quit my day job?
      2. What are the steps, in chronological order, to put the method into action?
      3. Who can I trust to learn HOW to implement the steps?

      We get these questions from newbies every day here at the Warrior Forum. And the typical answers usually go along the lines of: there is no guarantee, you have to test everything yourself, the steps have no set chronological order....yada yada yada

      And that is not what a newbie wants to hear....

      Interesting poll, interesting thread, and good luck with your product.
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