Domain Name Spy's, or my imagination?

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Fellow Warriors,

is it me, or do you sometimes get the feeling that people are spying on your internet activities?

I know it's been said that, when you have a great idea, someone, somewhere has it too, but this is creepy!

Check this out.

Today being Thanksgiving, I had some free time on my hands and decided to start working on a project I had in mind. I did research on it about a year ago which included finding suitable domain names for my site. Anyway, I located 3 different names that were available and perfect for my project. I wrote them down for future reference and went on to other things.

my idea so, I logged in to my favorite domain store and much to my surprise, the first name I chose was taken! No problem, I had planned on this that's why I had 2 additional choices so, off to the second one... Gone as well!

Fortunately, the third choice was still available but the weakest of the three. Well, suffice it to say, I was a little hot and did a whois search just to see who got them and what type of site they put up and guess what I found out!

Not only were the names I had registered, they were registered to the same person a couple of months after I looked for them and both on the same day! To add insult to injury, not only were they gone, the guy had them both just parked with the basic google add page waiting for someone to put in a bid for the names.

Now, I believe in coincidences but this was too convenient which got me wondering. Is there a database record or secret list somewhere of available domain names searched for that aren't purchased?

Maybe one of our Warriors who deal with domain names can answer that one for me.

Anyway, lesson learned! When I search for a domain name from now on, I'll make the purchase right away!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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