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Hadn't seen this mentioned so thought I'd post it incase some of you dudes ain't aware of it - because I wasn't until this morning.

I was setting up a new site, logged into Cpanel and scrolled down to Fantasico when.. next to the icon I see a new one called Softaculous. Never heard of it before so I clicked on it.. and.. oh baby...

Everything that Fantasico has but a shed-load more. Software ratings, user reviews and demos. I thought Fantasic was awesome (which it is), but Softaculous makes it look dated. It's even got a couple of video scripts.

Keep an eye out for it in your Cpanel, hopefully your host will upgrade if they haven't already.

Wish someone told me about it as soon as it was installed on my Cpanel.. and that's the reason for this post, and I'm sure some of you guys are using it already but some might not know about it yet..
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