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Hey guys-

I just have a little extra time here at the USO (i'm on my lunch break) and I've been keeping track of my website's rankings in google lately..

I've been doing some more SEO and have seen improvements in my rankings (multiple articles on page 1 & 2) and my traffic. Right now i'm averaging about 10-15 visitors per day, which isnt much but it's great considering I haven't even scratched the surface of my SEO/marketing campaign. I have a minisite with about 10 articles on it (the articles are targeted for certain niche related keywords) and I plan to rank all of them in the #1 spot on google. this will not be easy, but I know I can make it happen and I am seeing good results with my SEO efforts on the articles I AM trying to rank right now.

I have no sales letter, just a 'coming soon' page with a few testimonials on it for now, but I have ordered it and I should be uploading it to my site on January 21st. I will also be getting a squeeze page put together to collect customer e-mails. My ebook is ready to go, and so all I need to do is upload my sales letter, register my product with clickbank and get it into the marketplace so I can start making some sales here and there while I continue my SEO/marketing/site develpment efforts.

I have an affiliates page with some basic affiliate tools (keywords, articles, banners) but I plan to hire a writer to create a better affiliate page for me, add an optin box to collect affiliate e-mails, and provide more tools and resources for my affiliates. I also want to focus on getting some JV partners together to promote my product to their list or on their site to make some good commissions and build a buzz around my product. this will come in time. My upcoming deployment to Iraq will surely provide me with the necessary time/money to complete this project and start making some real money.

Most of my work up to this point has been setting my site up and getting all of the resources together. this is my very first mini site and product creation project, so I HAVE wasted time and money on stuff I don't need. but hey thats part of the learning process, and I know my next project run more quickly and smooth.

I have big goals for this website/product. I want to rank for many keywords (mostly long-tail) and a few big hitter keywords for my niche. I know this is possible, and I know if I stick to my guns and continue my work, I will get there soon. I DO NOT plan on giving up or quitting; it's not my style. I have made many mistakes and I will continue to make mistakes. I WILL NOT let them get me down. I will consider my mistakes my best friend. Knowing WHAT to do is just as important as knowing what NOT to do.

Anyways, I am ranting but I wanted to share some thoughts with the WF.

To Your Success,
Landon Wiggs
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  • Hello, i just wanted to wish you luck on your endeavor.

    Some people make stuff happen, Some people watch stuff happen, Some people ask, "What Happened?"
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