Blogs - on your home page or sub directory?

by sparky
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Hi Warriors, should I put my blog on a brand new site as the home page e.g. or as
the 2nd option will allow me to put permanent links and categories for resources, videos etc on the home page.

will search engines still find and rank the blog just as well in option 2

appreciate your thoughts and feedback

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    It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Many use Blogs as their actual website. With the advances of Wordpress templates lately, it is hard to tell the difference sometimes.

    To answer your question about whether or not search engines will find it, this will depend on how much promotion you give that URL. If you campaign to get the full URL to your blog (even if it is in a subdirectory), you will get it to rank, but it will take some effort.

    If it were me, I would go with making the Blog the actual Homepage.
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    Both ways are fine. It depends on what is the purpose of your site. If you sell something, so it is better to sell it on the home page and add your blog as subpage.
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    If you have other plans for the homepage, then put the blog in a sub-folder.

    Otherwise, put it on your homepage. You can still keep the URL structure of the posts the same later on, even if you decide to move your blog to a sub-folder.
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    Most of the people use there blogs on main domains, but you have other plans, i suggest putting your blog on a subdomain:, looks more professional.
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    Just a few short notes.

    1. A subfolder ( is part of your site, so yes, SEs will discover it.
    2. If you don't have very special plans for your root directory ( -then you should have the WP installation there
    3. The settings inside WP will let you have any kind of URL structure... i.e. you can have WP installed in root; have a frontpage with whatever you want; have the blogposts displayed at

    Read #3 carefully to make sure you got the message: no need to mess around with the place of installation; instead learn WP and use it to get what you want!

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    Hi everyone, thanks for the advice. I do want to put links to other sites, offer related products so I don't want that to clutter a blog page

    I'll probably put it in blog/

    Have struggled a bit learning WP so will keep it simple - for now anyway and get it running
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