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hey guys about to branch into squidoo lenses any helpful tips and strategies would be handy. I am using squidoo to backlink to a blog.
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      So basically just the same as a blog, seo optimised and such.
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        Yes, you need to have original content and use as many of the modules as you can - youtube, rss, images, etc.
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    Make sure you use your targeted keyword phase in the link pointing to your site you're building the link for.

    If you have a related low competition keyword you'd like to rank for, you can optimize the lens for it, and then get traffic as well as a link out of the lens. Make sure you use it in the module titles ~ which are H1 tags.
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      Ranking high in Squidoo’s own site search will definitely give you a lot of views and that lens will have a good chance of ranking high in the search engines.

      In order to accomplish that you have to know what Squidoo really looks for in lens.

      A good idea would be to look at the top articles in your niche to get a good idea of the quality you need to mimic.

      I’ve found that Squidoo enjoys lens with a decent amount of content, around 500-700 words. Not too much were the readers feel like they’re reading a book, but not too little so you can’t really develop a thesis.

      Squidoo also loves lens loaded with extra’s such as comment areas, related YouTube videos, polls, etc.

      Also, Squidoo lens get more respect if they get a lot of views, so that might be something to keep in mind.
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        Okay. All good tips so far.

        I have several lenses that get 500+ visits per day (each) from Google traffic.

        Here is my winning formula for creating lenses that rank well in Google:

        [+] Name the lens the exact phrase you are after. So let's say it is "Home Workout Programs".
        it would look like
        [+] For the title...include your keyword, but in a more interesting way: "Home Workout Programs to Get Gym-Like Results!
        [+] For some reason here is the module setup that seems to work ideally to rank. I've tested a bunch, but this works wonders.

        ...Text Module (intro to your article, include the keyword again in first paragraph and title of this module...also include a good picture)
        ...Youtube Module (a related Youtube Video)
        ...Text Module (first half of your article with picture...leave the article with a cliff hanger to the second half.
        ...Text Module (a huge clickable graphic with your offer to clichbank product, opt-in page, etc.)
        ...Text Module (second half of your article)
        ...One last Text or Youtube Module (sometimes I will simply link to my other lenses..."Other Lenses You Might Be Interested In"...)
        ...RSS Module (include the feed from your main blog...this is important to keep fresh content coming in to the lens).

        [+] Create a related spun article and link with your target phrase on 1WayLinks, SEOLinkVine, or Syndicate Kahuna.

        Works extremely well. Many of my lenses earn me $300-$500 per month...some for 2+ years.

        Hope that helps!

        I better stop giving this type of info away for free on the WF...some paid products give away less useful info

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    Originally Posted by vickybabe View Post

    hey guys about to branch into squidoo lenses any helpful tips and strategies would be handy. I am using squidoo to backlink to a blog.
    There are quite a few things you can do:
    • Include your keyword in the URL
    • Include your keyword in the title
    • Write quality content
    • Split your content into several text boxes with subheadings - not just in one.
    • Add a YouTube video, photo frames, Amazon modules, RSS modules, etc.
    Do NOT overlink to your blog. If you do, you'll get flagged for being spammy. You'll have to double check and make sure that the RSS module links don't count as links to your blog - otherwise if you do that AND add an anchor text link in your main article you may have problems.
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    There are manny things you can do to get most out of the squidoo...

    Best thing is to get as much as possible traffic, but to do that you need some SEO and backlinking before. As guys before me said, you need to put manny different modules in to lenses and there is another important thing... You need to build up your reputation. Best way for that is visiting, liking and commenting other lenses, go to forum pop up some questions/answers...

    Plus, more you work on your lenses-higher they rank. That mean if you are refreshing your lenses every day adding some extra (pictures, text, products...) you will get to rank higher on squidoo.

    I can even offer some services for raising user level, mass commenting other lenses, mass liking, mass favorating... If there is someone intrested in these services you can contact me at

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