HOW TO: Earn 2-4K a month ver 1.07

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These are the facts that you can too implement in your own strategy to create a site that will generate money.

1 niche and each page has a name: niche-subniche.html

Main menu has main 7 sub-niches

When I started building my site I just developed 58 pages with different names and started to add content 2 pages a day.

My site now has 58 pages and there is no in deep pages.
I have 3400 visits a month
2080 by google
1000 from referring sites
rest of visits come from other search engines
My bounce rate is 35%

It took 1 months to develop such site without any help or outsourcing
It took 2 months to start ranking on first page of google for sub-niches

And after only 3 months I have 100 visitors a day converting at 1% = 30 sales a month

Sorry but I ain't gonna give the link to the site because this could put me in risk

Once your site starts generating $600-$1000 a month you can start outsorcing the content and create other sites that will produce similar profit.

Creating sites can be outsourced in the second month with $600

4 sites x $600-$1000 are 2.4K-4K a month

That is how you build your empire - the more your earn the more you outsource

$600-$1000 = 40-58 pages of content = 1 site

4 months 1 site = $600-$1000
5 months 2 sites = $1200-$2000
6 months 4 sites = $2400-$4000

By the end of the year you will be in a such good xmas mood

To your success

Dominik Vig
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