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I bought Market Samurai today and love it so far!

But there is one thing I dont understand

For the SEO Competition, how is green/yellow/red calculated for BLP and BLD?

I thought the more backlinks=more competition

But I often see a lower amount of backlinks having red color compared to a site having a very high amount of backlinks and only having yellow color.
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    You need to know that not all page ranks are equal. Example one back link to a page that has a link rank of 5 is equal = to 5555 with a page rank of zero.
    If you look at BLP - back link to page you may see only 10 while another site has 4000, but given the page ranking data above the 10 may out weigh the 4000.

    If you need more help PM me.


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    Sorry It says I cant send PMs need 50 posts

    But anyway..

    Market Samurai actually checks all backlinks page rank?? And then decides the color depending on the quality of the backlinks, not just the number of backlinks?

    I thought it only counted how many backlinks.

    If so that makes there any way in Market Samurai where you can check what PR the backlinks have?

    If I click on the small arrow it only takes me to: with all the backlinks, but no info of PR for each backlink.
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    I agree with James, look at the pagerank of the sites where the links come from. If you want to asses the competition strength for your competing sites, blp has more "weight' then bld. Also use the function of market samurai that shows you what anchor text was used for those links. If they target The keyword phrase you are trying to rank for in their anchor text, the links will have more weight then links with a random anchor text.

    Good luck.

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