Outsourcing to Odesk, but how to trust ?

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Basically just trying to move to bigger projects right now and I cant do that without outsourcing my current work. Outsourcing someone a full time job would be my first time thing.

So if you post some jobs on odesk like link building or hire someone to spam lol, how can you trust them to not steal your accounts list, keywords list, and your whole business model even if they figure it out eventually ?

Any suggestions ?
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    I think you should trust odesk.

    Im a contractor or employee on odesk.

    And I earn for a living on odesk.

    Odesk has a online chat support. You can ask them if
    you want to.
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      you can't completely trust anyone you haven't seen or worked with, but you can protect yourself by making sure that they don't get to rip you off by segregating your setup.

      I'm sure if you are in a certain niche you only want your outsourcer to know - make sure the outsourcer is from a small company or just an individual so less chance for them to expose your niche to marketers like us. things like that.
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    Odesk I love because they have a snapshot system so you can see your employee working. I also make sure that I interview all my prospect employees before hiring. Consider giving them a test job before hiring or put them on a trial first.
    Hope this helps
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      Originally Posted by NikkiDelgado View Post

      Odesk I love because they have a snapshot system so you can see your employee working. I also make sure that I interview all my prospect employees before hiring. Consider giving them a test job before hiring or put them on a trial first.
      Hope this helps
      Yup, Nikki is right!

      I used Odesk for a few employees...

      My hiring process goes like this...

      1. Get in contact with potential workers...

      2. Test them on a small job and monitor their speed or work, quality of work, and lastly-- their responsiveness via email (send them a few and see if they are really responsive or not.

      3. Hire if they are GOOD!

      Pretty simple, and I definitely recommended giving Odesk a shot!

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    I would build trust with a particular person on ODesk by giving them small projects first and seeing how professional they are. Then move on to bigger projects (slowly) and give them more responsibility/trust. If they do anything wrong, immediately change all passwords/changeable info that you gave them. But I have not really heard of this happening.
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      Break your bigger projects down into smaller projects so the people you hire don't get the "big picture" and can't steal your business. Also, the more people you hire the more chance you'll have of finding adept workers who you can rehire. And give them a raise when you rehire them!
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    I work on odesk and I love it! But yes, it goes both ways. I have done articles for people on there and they have yet to pay me!! But most of the time I am paid right away. I have never hired anyone on there though. Start small and find people you really like and stick wit them.

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    Hi I am a provider at odesk and I have worked with so many people, their ideas, personal details passwords etc, I am a trusted person and clients had faith in me.

    You see when you go there and hire other people to work for you, you have to trust on them. Off course, do your research; see their past work and good if they are on google.

    Most providers at odesk are interested more in the work you will give to them, the money and the feedback. So if any other thing you should be worrying is, they get your money and never get that work done -there odesk comes to get your money back.
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    Well, outsourcing is all about trust. You cannot say that the person you hired can be trusted already unless you know that person before. Good for you if you can get a faithful person.
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      One thing you can do is chose to work with someone who has a lot of reviews.

      If other people they worked for found that they did a good job, then that is a good indication that they are not out to rip you off.

      But, I can understand why you would be worried; you are trusting someone that you've never met before with confidential business plan information.

      At the end of the day you have to decide whether keeping your business secrets safe is more important than scaling up your production and making more money.
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    I always have levels of trust, and start off people with telling them very specific information. They have to earn trust. But once I find people I can trust, they are gold.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    For link building I set up a new sniper site just for each new person I hire and let them build links over a weeks time... They do a good job I move them onto my secondary money sites... The ones who do good at that, after some time, get promoted to working on my main money sites and a pay bump.

    I would only hire one person to do one simple job for one project. Each aspect of my business now has specific people for a single task so one person knows everything going on behind the scenes!

    --- Work Smart... Not Hard ---

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    I HIGHLY recommend you only high someone who has been around for a while, with plenty of reviews. This will help you find someone who not only "can do that", but someone who has been doing that for a while.

    It's already been mentioned here, but you should definitely give people a try before you just jump in full force with them.

    Then make sure they're giving you daily updates on what they're doing. I had someone cost me abuout $6,000 last year because they never even started work on a time sensitive project(all he had to do was let software run, and push a few buttons in between...full time pay for him...1 hour actual work at most)

    Also no matter how easy something is, it will take a few tries before you and someone get things straightened out exactly how you need them done.
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    You need to do some split testing to cull out the rubbish.

    First of all, post your job but half way down say "to eliminate spam, type the answer of 3+3 in you application".

    Choose 4 people for the same job and split the job into 4 parts. Evaluate the efficiency, price, and quality of each worker to decide on one.

    A good odesk worker can be hard to find but worth the effort!
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    I also provide jobs to odesk like link building or seo.

    For me if I am an employer, I would give them a 5 to 10 hour trial.

    That way, if I am happy about the work they did that's the time he would work for me in long term.
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    Odesk is a reliable source of online job and a reliable source of manpower to work for you, I think you should rely and trust odesk. Anyway in the field of outsourcing your best asset is only trust, and if you have that somebody will trust you too.
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    Pick an employee that is highly ranked our the top pick. I'm sure if you pay them with the right amount you can surely trust them.
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      yeh outsourcing sites are great. I use freelancer.com

      They seem to be doing some big things over there.

      I got my latest site designed and developed by a freelancer in the Philippines. It worked out really great.
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        It can be hard to trust people with your business, but with the right steps you can avoid headache as much as possible. We've definitely gotten burned before, but thats why you start with small, less important projects and work up as they gain your trust. Make sure you pay attention to reviews, make sure you interview them, keep an eye out for spammy/recycled cover letters. We only interview people who respond with something that indicates they actually read our job posting (many just use the same cover letter applied to every job). Hope that helps!
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    Odesk is a freelance site, wherein staff working at home. Freelance work entails irregular working hours. Although a little pressure motivates the freelancer to keep up, the quality of work expected is compromised. Since freelancers are self-employed, they are naturally in the pursuit of more projects to sustain them. As this is a good motivation, it also limits the freelancer to devote all his mind and time to a project.

    I would still recommend a firm/outsourcing company. This firm has supervisors who manage the staff to ensure the quality and productivity of their job. The staff that you lease are backed by a good management and technical team
    also, your files and data are secured and confidential. The staff that you lease are 100% working for you and dedicated the people you found at odesk and other freelance websites are all freelancers. working from home and maybe working with other clients at the same time.
    Staff Leasing
    We Lease Offshore Employees

    Hire inexpensive labor from the Philippines!
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    I have used odesk contractors for many of my real estate related projects. The last one including having to find a java developer, videographer, web designer, seo expert, membership developer, etc, etc.

    I have yet to see major issues, but there are some pitfalls. For instance, if you pay by the hour, do remember that it is in the contractors' interest to delay the project as much as possible. The more hours required, the more they get paid. The odesk screen shot feature looks good, but you do need to stay on top of your contractors as well to ensure they get the job done. This sometimes requires late night shifts for you if you are in another part of the world.

    Also remember to check the contractor's work. I have had issues where there is little or no ownership on the contractor part. They only do what they are asked to do, and then leave if up to you to check their work. This can be extremely irritating.

    For the trust factor, I have decided to just get past this. In my experience, if I did not find a freelancer to do the work, it would not get done. The real estate offering software I have developed called What2Offer© has mostly been completed with contractors on odesk and elance. (I think the site looks pretty good, for sure much better than if I had completed it myself). I could not have done this without my contractors. I had to get over trust issues on my end, but in the end, it has worked out.

    Give the contractor smaller tasks to begin with. Give them a trial project to prove themselves, even before you hire them. I did this with our videographer on our website. It worked out fine. You'll be surprised how easy it is to get things done, as long as you communicate well, set expectations, and stay up with the project yourself.
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    Setup a VPS and make them work off that. I usually log a pc in my office into vps at same time so i can watch what they do
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    In my opinion odesk is the most trustable freelancer working place nowadays. I like their working tools too, becuase you can see what the worker has done and if he/she worked, when saying that. I also found out that a lot of are willing to work for really less money, but often you will see paying double at the end -> so one tip from me: don`t end the contracts and don`t pay until it fullfill your project and what was wanted at the start.

    Also the workers have to learn that there are contracts and detailed informations in front, that they have get also in thinking before the bid. So I found really good workers at odesk and finally also build up a team what I can trust. Bye!
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    you can totally trust on odesk. I really like the system of odesk. I outsource most of my work and i am 100% satisfied.

    10,000+ Quality PLR articles
    pm me

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    You can see the rating of the bidder for your project.. also Odesk support is great.. I have worked with them..
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