A good clickthru rate??

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Ive been running some FB ads for hdss, my clickthru rate is 0.069%. is that good? I think its 69% or is it 6.9%? or is it just a point about .05 meaning half of a percent?

someone explain, i think its 69%, but I sucked in math, thanks :confused:
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    If it is displayed as 0.069% then it really is 0.069 percent clicktrough.
    If it is 0.069 probability then it's 6.9%

    The click trough percentage is largely irrelevant though, what counts is how many clicks per day you get.
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    Click through rate may not be relevant but it is still helpful in the areas of analysing or calculating how much of the clicks you can get. If your click through rate is increasing, it means you are getting higher clicks, but when it is reducing, it may be a sign that there is something you are not getting right or something you need to do.
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      A CTR of 0.069% is fairly average. The reason you want to keep working to improve your CTR is that Facebook, and most other advertising platforms, will reward you with cheaper clicks as your CTR gets higher.

      Remember, these networks are trying to make as much money as they can from the limited traffic they have. If you are getting more clicks per impression (a higher CTR) then obviously you are making them more money from that same traffic and they want to encourage you to spend more with them, and they will reduce your CPC (cost per click) as a result.

      An example. I have a Facebook campaign running at the moment that has a CTR of 0.136% and a CPC of 37 cents. That is basically double your CTR. If we were advertising the exact same product then obviously I am making Facebook a lot more money than you are per impression - so my click costs will go down to encourage me to spend more money with them.

      So try setting up another ad and using a different image. Often the images are what make the biggest difference in your CTR. You should always be trying to improve your CTR because it means your click costs will keep going down and your profit margins will keep going up.
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    If it is .069%, that means 69 clicks per 100,000 visitors.

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    lets see if this works,
    imp's clicks CTR CPC CPM total

    this is for the past few days.235,794 impressions

    0% social media (which means someone clicked because their friend clicked, but with ads i dont see how thats possible)

    Clickthru ratio is 0.069%

    cost per click avg: 0.65 (not bad)

    CPM, cost per impression? .45 (cheaper but nobody clicks)

    total spent $106.13

    so far I have sold 2 hdss packages, as this is really the only place the traffic is coming from and only spot I am marketing/advertising.

    so to me, this is great conversion and I will be increasing my daily spend to maybe 40 per day see what happens.
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    There is more to think about than CTR. For instance, how much did it cost you to get that CTR? How many of those the did click through actually buy?

    Hopefully you separate each campaign into its own category such as Facebook, AdWords, etc. This way you can find out how well each advertising campaign also converts from your list.

    For example, If I do a Facebook campaign I put an identifier with that campaign which also puts them into there own list on Aweber. Over time I track how well this list converts when I send out offers to them. I then compare this to other Facebook campaigns I've ran along with AdWords campaigns, etc. This way I know where the best ROI is for my advertising dollar.

    The bottom line is you want to know how much each client cost you to get?
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    but on thursday i had this


    49k impressions 51 clicks clickthrouh% .103%?? .58 cpc.

    Im confused? still looks reasonble to me. Ill take 50 clicks a day to my sales page for 30 bucks!
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    Im trying to do all that, but I get pulled in 20 different directions with hdss. seo,craigslist,odesk management, approving our banners, ad buys,article submission and management,legal, AND on top of that working on our real estate deals. I am learning to contract out most of the work. what would be great is a manager that manages and maintains all this stuff for me. But right now, its mostly fb, i can see that in google analytics that all the traffic is coming from fb, and when they buy, i emailed them and just asked. hey, how did you find me, what made you buy. he said i saw your fb ad, i clicked it, liked what I saw, you gave great value without an opt in (i was giving away our "free version", many disagree with that method they say get the email first, i disagree because everyone nowdays has spam emails they make up just to use to get free stuff, so give em something great and then link to your page like this)

    Short Sale Investment Strategy

    I have a looooooooooooooooong way to go, i learn new stuff every day and its fun and I love it. especially when my phone goes off with an email from clickbank that we had another sale.
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      At a glance, it looks like you are doing well if you spent about $107 so far and gotten 2 conversions out of it. Of course, it depends on your biz objective and how much cost you want to attribute to producing all the work, to determine if the conversion really is good. You would also need to continue watching it to see if the trend holds. FB in general has very low CTR, so you don't usually have to worry about it too much as long as people are actually engaging with your materials when they get on your site. If you think that FB is working well for you, I would spend more time tuning it, trying out different messaging on FB to see if you improve engagement from the FB leads.
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    yes but my conversions dropped like a rock past 2 days because i took down our testimonials box and was awaiting the new ones to be complete by the people. they still arent back up, must be the difference factor, or the early sales were a fluke? lol, its only been a few days since we went live, ill come back in 6 months
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    I think your cost per click can go a little lower. To me 0.58 is quite high. But of course, this depends on your business plan and ROI targets.

    Try to improve your CTR by experimenting with the image in your ads. Change the picture, colour, etc.

    Plus, I think you need to focus on just 1 or 2 traffic sources for your offers. You'll learn things quicker that way. Only when you good enough in those traffic sources, move on to learn new ones.
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