Is 7 the lucky number?

by TonyAG
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I've noticed a lot of vendors set the price of their product to $17, $27, $37, $47, etc.

Does the number 7 somehow create more conversions?
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    Does the Perry Belcher Button increase conversions? Ending prices with the number 7 has been proven by some to convert better than other price points. But this does not necessarily mean you should take it as the law - many people will and thus why you see so many products with 7 price tags - and so many people using the belcher button.

    Different markets react differently. The only way to know for certain is to test various price points with your own niche and see which converts better. But yes, ending your price with the number 7 is definitely as good a place to start as any.
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    Nothing blanket applies in all situations.

    However, if you use the forum search function you should find lots of answers and opinions about this already here because it has been asked and discussed several times before.

    nothing to see here.

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    Hi I saw price range at 199, 99 on many stores (it has 9 at the end) and when I saw 7 at the end, it feels it is under that decimal. Such as WAR ROOM costs $37. It is only 3 dollars less than $40, but it converts well because when I see 37 dollars, I feel I'm onl paying 30 dollars and a little more. But when I see $39, I will know that I am only paying 1 dollar less.

    Such as hostgator, they cost $9.95 per month, not a total of $10 and 5cent doesn't matters much but we tent to like it more than $10 and feel it is low.

    7 is religiously good number and well mentioned. We have 7 days, in many religions 7 has been mentioned very well. We have 7 seas, 7 continents etc etc. This is why 7 is assumed to be a lucky number for many.
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    You have investigated it well.However I also think It is just a piece of prejudice.
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    It's converting better than 9s
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    This is something that is hard to quantify unless you do extensive testing and tracking on your individual product. Your results may vary depending on many variables, and there's really no way to determine this unless you split-test your offer with multiple price points.
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