When does Google notice backlinks (in relation to Yahoo, Bing)?

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Hello all-

This is going to sound like I'm just being impatient.. and that's probably because I am :p but I would appreciate an answer anyway.

As of a week ago (and still today), backlink checkers have told me that Yahoo has 81 backlinks for my site, Bing has 2, and Google has 0. Generic backlink checkers usually pick up between 10 and 50. Obviously things update at different rates, but we all know the one we care about is Google!

This has resulted in me being on the first page on Yahoo and Bing for my keywords, but on the bottom of the second page for Google.

In your experience, how long does it take Google to notice that you are making progress with backlinks?
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    I think that depends on the traffic that you receive from google
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    just google the page which your link is on. if it's an article it might take time to be indexed and not yet exist in the index, if it's an existing page, check the cache.

    you should see movement within 9 days from starting link building if you are looking in the right places.
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      It can take a while for Google to recognize your links but there are somethings that can be done to get them to indexed a little quicker.

      Adding your links to a large blog with frequent posts can be a good way to quickly index those links.

      It basically boils down to having those links appear where the Google spiders are frequently crawling. So anywhere that Google gives lot of attention works well.

      There are a lot of products you can buy to help with this.

      High PR links often get recognized more because they have more attention from Google.

      Just keep building more links and eventually Google will pick up on that.

      Things you can do to get more attention to your links include:
      ping them with pingler.net and pingomatic, submit their RSS feeds to RSS directories, mash them up in one big feed with html2rss.com and submit them, social book mark them, and also build links to your links.

      I hope this helps.
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