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Hey Guys,

I'm about to do a public release of a new plugin (WP Traffic Tools) and it will be my first product on clickbank. How should I go about distributing it so it's pushed well?

Any vets?
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    Do a pre-launch where you give teaser video's or something like that.

    Create a killer salespage, or outsource it. Note that this isn't easy.

    Create a special page for affiliates and jv's (tools like banners, email swipes) or contests make it as attractful as your salespage, because affiliates need a reason WHY they should promote your products
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    1. Test until you have a solid EPC.

    2. Get a banner made and get others to promote it on their download pages.

    3. Find people/companies who have lists who sell software and negotiate commission % for them to mail their lists. For example, just for the day they're mailing, you could jack up the commissions to 60, 70, or 80% to entice them to mail.

    4. Give away a free piece of software through an opt-in, then on the next page sell this WP software as a one-time-offer (talk to Charles Kirkland about this one... he has a nice strategy for selling software on CB).

    5. Definitely do NOT try to have a pre-launch or major launch at this point...

    Just my opinions. Hope they help. Later
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    surprised this is the only thread I could find on this tool as it is awesome!

    *runs off to product review section*
    Amazon Kindle (romance/fiction)
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    This looks interesting. Can we get a taste of it?
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